Jack and Jacinda and the big ideological purge

To paraphrase Mr. Churchill, never in the field of political conflict has so much hypocrisy and cant been revealed by so many leftists in such an extraordinary short time.

Since Twitter’s expulsions of people they perceived as “right wing’ from their platform last week, all across the NZ internet, the left has suddenly discovered a hitherto unknown respect for private property & the rights of privately owned businesses.

Jacinda Ardern met one on one with Jack Dorsey in New Zealand

The same people who only yesterday were prosecuting bakers for failing to make the cakes their customers demanded, using govt legislation to prevent one newsgroup from purchasing another newsgroup, and calling for the Murdoch publishing group to be nationalised, are suddenly all for Jack Dorsey having the right to run his company as he sees fit.

The same people who hammer NZ’s mum and dad landlords with hundreds of regulations as to how they should run their little letting businesses, suddenly say govt has no right to regulate or prosecute Twitter, even though it is clearly breaching its agreement under Section 230 of the US Communications Act.

They applauded Jacinda Ardern’s gift of $175 million dollars of taxpayer money to the NZ media when it was failing. As it should for its partisan reporting. No, it didn’t die, it was kept alive by govt intervention which the left largely applauded with unembarrassed vigour.

It would be easy to go on. Too easy, so we’ll leave the left’s hypocrisy there for now, and move on to what is more important.

Sure, Jack Dorsey has every right to limit the use of his social media in terms of a user’s political affiliations. However, there would not be one person reading this right now who does not know that if the situation were reversed, and it was leftists being kicked off, there would be immediate calls for govt intervention and/or nationalisation of his company.

However that too is bye the bye. So what’s the real issue?

Leaving aside the lies that underpin Mr Dorsey’s actions, for example that it was done for the “safety of the public” when so many accounts who are a real danger remain on his platform, the reality is that it is actually Jack’s close ties to the govt that are the real threat to our free Western society.

Today, so many Western corporations fit the accepted legal definitions of private companies, but often have informal but deep connections to governments, and political groups, and in practically all such cases, these groups and govts are left wing.

The most evident examples are (the bought) western media, which is almost a closed shop of communist propaganda. Harshly critical of anything Conservative, and/or Trumpism if you like, while cheering for Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Both dangerous terrorist organisations that are openly political and communist.

Jack Dorsey makes no secret of his regard for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, a radical socialist who trained at IUSY for ten years and whose ideas about government are thankfully constrained by democracy. Jack was so smitten he even flew all the way from the US to NZ for a one on one conversation with her about the concerns she had with social media.

Where did Mr. Dorsey get the names of the accounts he terminated last week? The source had to be govt and or pro Jacinda left wing activists who pose as journalists in NZ’s totally compromised bought off media. The bottom line is the NZ govt was almost certainly deeply involved in the Twitter banishments.

The real issue here is that the West has unknowingly sunk so deeply into communism, the relationship between corporates and socialist/ left wing govts and political groups is basically a carbon copy of the situation in Communist China. Where govt owned enterprises are used to pressure individuals who commit thought or speech crime.

Whereas Western govts don’t own every corporate, (as they do for example NZ’s main media outlet TV One) they do exercise tremendous commercial powers over them, and are not the least hesitant in using those powers to influence political outcomes. Corporates keen to attract the favours of big powerful govt, and already in political sympathy anyway, will enthusiastically submit to their demands.

That is exactly what just happened with Jacinda Ardern and Jack Dorsey and his company’s purge of New Zealand Conservative users.

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        • Thanks for those kind words Tanya. its a shame about Twitter, but we have to be realistic. Any outlet that is being controlled by the left will always be subject to arbitrary censorships, bannings and expulsions. Or to use the more modern idiom, “cancellations”. Its who they are. They’ve been like that throughout history and the sad reality is they will never change. The left are authoritarian cowards who can never deal with well reasoned rational criticism of their sick depraved ideology, and will always seek to silence those who deliver such criticism.

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