Should NZ police be cooperating with Antifa?

Police are claiming they have prevented a terrorist act in Christchurch. After a tip from the Antifa associated group Paparoa, two men were originally apprehended, with the help of a SWAT team. One has since been released, the other charged with threatening to kill and will be in court tomorrow.

If the scenario is as projected then well done by the NZ Police. However, no real detail on the crime has been released to the public. There is a lot of talk about the commission of a “hate crime”.

Apparently there was a plan to set two car bombs outside the Linwood Islamic Centre and Al Noor Mosque, on the anniversary of the massacre 15th March 2019. If so, why would the planners be so infinitely stupid as to post their plans on the internet? (even if it was 4chan).

Police are under a lot of political pressure from active Muslim Groups in NZ. (FIANZ)

Additionally, the organisation they praised for alerting them to the alleged threats is an Antifa related group that is obsessively preoccupied with exposing perceived “White Supremacy”. They say they are “not your typical Antifa collective” whatever that means.

Paparoa have attempted to smear many well known people by associating them with the “white supremacy” label. Including one time National Party leaders Don Brash and Simon Bridges, writer Jordan Peterson, film maker Lauren Southern, Conservative party leader Elliot Ikilei and Conservative Party candidate Dieuwe de Boer.

Paparoa support the street violence of BLM and US based Antifa. They tweeted a picture of an Antifa banner to celebrate the shutting down of Action Zealandia’s Youtube account. (see graphic below)

There is an organised effort by Communist groups in New Zealand to marginalise or silence completely any ideas that conflict with their own. Antifa associates like Paparoa for example believe every system outside pure Marxist communism to be an example of fascism. Even social democracy. They have agents working in the mainstream media who help them spread their ideas.

All persons arrested in NZ have a legal right to the presumption of innocence. This is a cornerstone principle of our society and should not be dismissed merely because of political (or cultural) pressure groups.

One hopes the Police are on the right track here, and that while pursuing terrorism diligently, they are also exercising the restraint our justice system requires. They’re doing a difficult job. They have to be careful they do not make it more difficult by allowing themselves to be influenced by the ideological poison of Antifa and their sensationalist mainstream media propagandists.