The left’s weird failure to understand the concept of backlash

New Zealand’s media is flat out at the moment bemoaning expressions of unapproved views on social media. “Why are they so hateful” they whine. Well, yes, why is there so much discontent, and although there’s no accounting for some of the really venomous opinions, its strange how the left seem so ignorant of the simple concept of “backlash”.

The laws of physics state every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when politicians act to do things that annoy people, those people react, and express their anger or disappointment. Often posting comment on the internet is the only way they can do that.

In particular media are concerned with animosity towards the Muslim community. The fact that this animosity exists is perhaps a shame, but it should be no surprise. It represents a backlash from other New Zealanders who feel aggrieved by certain acts of the govt, and rightly or wrongly, these upset people perceive Muslims as playing a large part in driving the issues that annoy them.

For example the gun buy back scheme caused a lot of resentment in the community, and has been shown to be a useless exercise anyway with gun related crime today higher than it has ever been. Taxpayers were robbed of millions to pay for this silly stupid idea, and many see Muslims as the drivers. Of course it was really Jacinda Ardern, but you can’t blame people for failing to make this distinction when Ardern herself has so many times publicly stated that the Christchurch attack was why it needed to be done. (Self serving rubbish from Ardern of course, that only serves to anger people more.)

Another example following the same pattern is attacks on liberty and freedom of expression as threatened by hate crime and hate speech legislation. These laws will have an even worse impact upon our society than the gun buyback, and will create much more of the same kind of resentment. Muslims (only 1.3% of the population) will suffer a backlash again because they are rightly perceived as drivers of these unpopular law changes.

Another driver has been the far left’s opportunistic strategy of gaslighting on “white supremacy”. Reasoning people know this is no real threat, especially when compared to the scale of Islamic terror, but many of us have suffered unfair discrimination as a result of the left’s hyperbole on this issue, and once again there is resentment.

There are other examples in the pipeline. Attacks on internet freedom. Sites being blocked and social media being monitored by special police units reminiscent of the East German Stasi. A gun registration system is being put in place, another stupid and costly idea that like the buyback will have no effect on gun crime. Once again, when they happen, the man in the street is going to see Muslims as the main driver of these annoying initiatives.

So to get back to the start, the concept of backlash is nothing new, yet all of these irritating initiatives have been hurriedly implemented apparently without a thought to its existence. The Christchurch shootings were the catalyst for a lot of changes in New Zealand society, but many of these changes are seen as unnecessary or just plain wrong, and given most of these things are being done for the spurious cause of “making Muslims feel safe” its not unexpected that they would bear the brunt of public discontent, or as it has often been described in the past, a backlash.

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  1. The root cause of all these problems is the attempt to force two non compatible groups (Christianity and Islam) to coexist peacefully in the same country. This has never worked satisfactorily, because the two groups do not integrate well with each other. Intermarriage and social mingling are negligible between these two groups due to fundamental religious and social differences). This is a good example of the failure of multiculturalism. Immigration ideally assimilates the new arrival, while allowing to retain some of their native country’s customs (example, Italian migrants drinking wine in preference to beer, while the community they have entered prefers beer over wine). These differences can easily be incorporated into the new host country and even be beneficial to both sides, unlike social and religious rules which in the case of Islam are often abhorrent to the non Islamic community.


    • All religions have a political component, and we are fortunate to live in a country that was Christian in heritage. Christians generally have no issue with the secularisation of the govt sector.

      Muslims do not feel the same way, and in fact their religion requires a govt heavily incorporating their religion. This being so, Islam is more than a religion, its actually an ideological/political system.

      As you point out Bill, trying to run the two systems side by side, one that agrees with the secularisation of govt, and the other that demands govt be directed by religion, will eventually result in conflict.

      Muslims know what they’re doing. They work their way into govt positions, and elect their own representatives to parliament, and slowly, they become more powerful and more influential. Once they have a solid foundation of power, they will expand upon that base and try to take over. Its a future conflict you would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to acknowledge, and its eventually coming to New Zealand as sure as night follows day.


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  3. A huge portion of the public are under her thrall and completely oblivious to the issues.

    I’m waiting for the civil disobedience to start. In Helen Clark’s time the truckers shut down Wellington over less than these latest rental rule changes.


  4. There are a lot of strange quirks that accompany the leftist ideology and the further left the wackier the quirks. Leftism has been described as a mental illness and when you try to get inside their minds and try to tease apart their thought process it becomes obvious that it couldn’t be anything else.


  5. I used to support Trump for his proLife stance until his unjust accusations of China and deception in Syria….and failure to drain the swamp

    Xi JinPing is the only president on earth in recent history that has an ongoing successful relentless anti Corruptions drive that seen the arrests and punishments of corrupted China govt officials and traitors.

    But I see Trump hardly drain any swamp, did he?

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    Note am a God fearing bible believing Jesus follower no denomination

    Your friend


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