Five Steps To Defeat The Democrats

Obama won a second term. He did it by deceit and fraud. The US elections have been corrupted almost beyond recovery by the left. It’s clear what has to be done to save the US republic. The question is, who is going to do it and how? Here are five simple steps to ensuring that the Democrats in their present form never win another election-

1) Introduce a poll tax. Nearly 50% of Americans, mainly Obama voters, pay no tax. Therefore there is nothing to stop them from voting for higher taxes, because it doesn’t affect them if taxes are raised. They see each election as Christmas, and Obama as Santa Claus. The left must be stopped from using your money to buy the votes of the lazy and stupid. Nearly 50% of Americans Don’t Pay Tax.

2) Switch off on all left wing propaganda outlets. That means most mainstream TV and newspapers. These are the organs that the left use most of all to corrupt democracy and rig elections. Any Conservative who supports these organs of leftist propaganda is only helping the left enslave them. Leftmedia corrupts our culture deeply and it must be put out of business. Don’t buy their newspapers, don’t watch their TV. Don’t give them a cent of your money. See how Republican failure to confront media bias helped them lose the election.

3) (Elect politicians who will) dismantle the public education system. It is a left wing stealth organisation designed not to educate but to brainwash. Youth travelling through this system have little hope of emerging from it with an objective political perspective. It’s sole purpose is to produce gullible stupid and brainwashed left wing voters. If you want a true appreciation of how bad this problem is read Jason Mattera’s book “Obama Zombies- How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

4) Stop illegal immigration and send all illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Illegal immigrants use vote fraud to vote themselves entitlements and to undermine politicians who seek to shore up the barriers to illegal entry. Illegal Immigrants Accused of Vote Fraud.

5) Enforce voter identification and overhaul the voting system so as to eliminate fraud. Duplicate voting, using the ballots of dead voters, and fraudulent identities are all examples of the corrupt means the left use to swing the vote. The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed.

If we could ever implement the above five steps, the left in the USA (and other places) would never win another election.

Its not a question of Conservative values being outdated. There is no reason to give up on the principles of Conservatism, which are still the only existing rock solid defence against tyranny.

The problem is systematic vote fraud and widespread and endemic corruption of the electoral process by the left, and until we confront and deal with that issue, everything else is just a sideshow.