The Collaborators

Vichy Executions

Recently a notable “center right” blog produced a list predicting the Cabinet Ministers that would be appointed if the left bloc (Greens/Labour) managed to win the next NZ election, an event that sadly looks more probable every day.

Some said the publication of this list would serve to scare NZers into voting for the National Party. I don’t know about that, but if so, its an idea that would have met the approval of the faceless left wing “media advisors” who surround John Key, and who being barren of political principle, would always prefer easy scaremongering over outspoken and confrontational debate.

When I say left wing I say that because there is not really any ‘right wing” faction within National. Political tussles occur within the party of course, but just like each 3 year election, its basically just a difference of opinion between leftists who merely argue over how to do socialism better than the further left faction called Labour.

The point is that the predictions in the list have a good chance of bearing fruit. So, what can we draw from the fact that NZ is probably about to be governed by a collection of communists and statist nutbars far worse than what we have now? Many things really, but I suggest the most obvious point is that the National Party has failed.

Why have they failed? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are voters, but I think it is because the left have won the information/ cultural war. However as I write that sentence, I question the use of the word “war”. It suggests battle, and sacrifice and courage, events that have not recently been part of the political scene in NZ.

Reality is there is no force opposing the armies and generals of the left. No real battle. No chance for courage or sacrifice or heroes or leadership. What we have is more like an occupation. The battle is lost, those who represent themselves as being opposed to the left have completely capitulated, and they govern, like the Vichy government in France during WWII, as puppets of the victors. The National Party dances to the tune of the cultural and political icons of the left. Karl Marx. John Maynard Keynes. Antonio Gramsci. Mao Zedong.

Progressive guards man the cultural watchtowers and ensure that any sign of rebellion, as faint and lily livered as it usually is, is quickly crushed. Academics, newspaper editors, commentators, journalists, TV personalities, and various other self appointed social guardians quickly suppress any event that suggests their hold on power may be under threat. Doubt the truth of this claim? Look at the vilification directed at Colin Craig. Look how David Garret (as meek and mild as his infractions were) was hounded out of parliament. They thought the vacuous Paul Henry was a threat and look what happened to him. Think of the fear that produced the statement that rests in the sidebar of this blog. From an unnamed “Senior National Party spokesman”-

“conservatives are viewed as not in touch with middle NZ and not in line with John Key’s broader image”

This from a party whose founding principles (see sidebar) are basically the embodiment of Conservatism. So much have these spineless left wing flunkies yielded, and like the Vichy government, now they merely seek to impose the will of the real rulers upon a cowed and defeated population. Who like the French did way back, support the government of John “Pétain” Key because the alternative is so much worse.

I managed to scrape together the time to watch a couple of parliamentary broadcasts this week, but I couldn’t watch for more than a few minutes. It turns my stomach to see such trifling pissant squabbling over which is the best socialist policy, and who is doing socialism better, while our country goes daily further down the tube to the extent that we now face the dire reality of an outright Communist government.

And meanwhile, the so called “right wing” just keep on cringing, tugging their forelocks in weak and pitiful submission to the subversive forces that really control our political fortunes and have always been inexorably creeping forward to the social condition we now suffer, and the even worse condition that comes after the next election. Still the same simpering smug fools continue to support the Vichy Key government. Still the Vichy Key government fails to speak out for freedom, and individual liberty and worse, they ridicule and disavow the ideals outlined in their founding principles.

You can see their supporters in the comments section of Whale’s blog, or Kiwiblog or other recognised “right of center” publications. Frantically supporting John “Pétain” Key and the Vichy Nationals only because the alternative is worse. Ganging up and attempting to ridicule or distract anyone who expresses unauthorised or unapproved views. Baying like the hounds of the jack booted invaders who enforced the National Socialist State in France under the government of Marshall Philippe Pétain. Helping their oppressors suppress ideas that challenge the propaganda wall of the left.

In the US they’re called RINOs. In the UK, (as in NZ) they’ve yet to earn a name, but I reckon cowards is good enough, especially after witnessing there the weak reaction to the horrifying event where a family of children were removed from their foster parents care because the parents were supporters of Nigel Farage’s UK Independence party. David Cameron is just another John Key and another collaborator.

They will both be remembered for their abject timidity in squandering the political capital that brought them to power and failing to light the fire of revolution that was so desperately needed.

What is the answer? How do we escape from this condition? There is no approaching allied army to free us. We have few options. We have to continue to speak out and confront the watch tower guards in the employ of the totalitarians and eventually we will escape the socialist nightmare. One thing that is painfully obvious is that there is no point whatsoever in supporting the current National Party. It is their failure to fight and their willing submission to the left that is at the bottom of this whole damn disaster.