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  1. Good article by John Lott on Sarah Palin-

    “What Palin’s conservative critics need to recognize is that any other candidate who posed the same threat to Democrats would also be attacked as viciously. The desire to give up on Palin and move on to another potential Republican presidential nominee is understandable. But there is a reason why the media wants to take Palin out.”

    Why Does the Media Love to Pick On Palin?


  2. Santa Claus Has Left The Left

    “The party developed successfully based on an election strategy of “buying votes,” otherwise known as the “vote for me and I will give you free ice cream” strategy. Since the 1930s they have depended upon a growing government to enable them to pass out goodies to targeted voter groups assembled piecemeal based on their willingness to put Democrats into power.”


  3. Well done Redbaiter, it’s a nicely designed blog. I hope it works well for you.

    I don’t intend to bug you here. If you follow your Comment Policy you won’t be able to follow your name!


  4. “If you follow your Comment Policy you won’t be able to follow your name!”

    Appreciate the good wishes P. Don’t understand the comment though. I guess its another reflection on those outstanding comprehension skills of yours.


  5. Congrats RB. Are you going to crosslink your older Trueblue articles?


  6. Redbooter might be more appropriate here rather than Redbaiter.


  7. “Congrats RB. Are you going to crosslink your older Trueblue articles?”

    Thanks Mawm. Gosh, I’m amazed that you remember that old site. Thanks for the suggestion. I will link to it. It actually still has arguments up there that are useful references against common leftist positions.


  8. Congratulations (and bookmarked).


  9. It’s not only the left who have an aversion to Palin Red, some of my friends are conservative to a fault, but I have had arguments wwith them over this lady. Her strong personallity either wins people over or turns them against her.


  10. Sarah Palin’s new book debuts at No. 2 on the New York Times Best Seller’s list. That’ll cause the Progressives some heartache.


  11. The first three nz blogs on my favourites list is now:

    1) Crusader Rabbit
    2) Kiwiblog (that yellow-bellied but influencial Nat drone)
    3) Trueblue

    Of course, this ranking might change 🙂


  12. Very perceptive rating Mr. Scummy. Kiwiblog of course is nowadays basically a home for left wingers. Mr. Farrar’s posts are fine but its just tiresome dealing with the tumult of left wing crap in the comments section.


  13. Best wishes Red. I take it Pete is from the Left? Well, his point would be a valid one if you said you would boot all Lefty comments. You didn’t.


  14. ” I take it Pete is from the Left? ”

    One of Kiwiblog’s far left trolls. And you have picked his most notorious character trait straight off- appalling comprehension skills. I left his comments up because I’ve always found it difficult to be unkind to dumb animals. :).

    Thanks for your encouragement. Now that KG is well established in his new home he will be resuming posting duties at CR, but I will still post there when I can.


  15. LOL Red your last comment, a beauty!


  16. The guy I reckon could just take the Republican nomination from Palin. There are lots of good candidates out there, but IMHO, Pence is one of the few with the profile, the reputation and the resources to seriously challenge Sarah.



  17. Okay, here’s another one to add to the Reader. The trick will be deciding who gets dropped from the Premier League to the First Division.

    Good stuff Red, I really like the design. I was going to make some smart-ass comment about it being TrueBlue because of your affection for BlueLabour, but I didn’t want to be the first one banned. Oops I said it. Sorry.

    As our friend Mr PotatoHead would say … Mr Blog Administrator, please delete this post. OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!


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