Japan Calls The Warmist Gangsters’ Bluff

At the Cancun Climate Conference, Japan has thrown a spanner in the works by sticking to its earlier pledge not to renew or re-ratify any agreements when they expire in 2012. Japan’s representative stated that any agreements are virtually worthless in that they only cover 30% of the global governments and do not include China (the biggest polluter) of the US.

This is not really news apart from being official confirmation of something that Japan had always promised. Its interesting that the Japanese are prepared to stand against the Climate Change Bullies when New Zealand under National would not. John Key and Nick Smith said they feared NZ would be adversely affected in respect of international trade if the resisted the global climate change movement.

The actual AFP article is here. So far, it appears that the only protests are from self interested pressure groups and a few UN bureaucrats. Interesting to see if Japan does suffer any trading penalties as Smith and Key claimed were likely. It would surprise me if they did.

Categories: Environment

2 replies

  1. I sincerely hope that this bullshit gravy train finally wrecks itself!

    Now….it is time for a beer Red, and Resches Pilsener it is!


  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Nemesis- enjoy that beer.


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