More Race Based Politics- New Chinese Party Registered

As if one race based party isn’t enough, we’ve now got the Chinese equivalent of the Maori Party. Talk about Balkanisation. Maybe its time for a European Party. How could anyone complain?

Wikipedia- “The New Citizen Party is a political party in New Zealand. It aims to represent Chinese New Zealanders and has a focus on economic and law and order issues. The party has been organised by Auckland businessman Paul Young, former New Zealand Labour Party list candidate Stephen Ching, and Chinese businessman Jack Chen. On 2 December 2010 the party was registered by the Electoral Commission, making it eligible to contest the party vote.”

7 thoughts on “More Race Based Politics- New Chinese Party Registered

  1. Well at least they won’t have dedicated Chinese seats and the Party will have to compete for votes on the same basis as all the other Parties.


  2. Yeah, I guess they at least deserve some credit for that aspect. 🙂

    Of course, if National were true to their principles, the Maori seats would have been long gone.


  3. Once again this highlights the problem with MMP: Any raced based, or ideology based, party of any kind can be established and garner support via the party list vote as opposed to having to win an electorate seat. The Greens being the case in point where they rely solely on the party vote.

    So we now have “The Chinese Party” – what’s to stop someone establishing “the Sodomite Party”, or the “Muslim Party” for that matter? I get sick and tired of minority interest groups holding this country to ransom – and MMP is one of the main means by which minority interest groups are able to achieve this.


    [and while we’re at it get rid of the racist Maori Party as well]


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