Daily Mail UK- Assange Will Be Arrested Today

I’m not sure whether I’m happy to see this creep arrested on such charges as they’re talking about. Evidently in Sweden, if a man has sex with a woman, and leads her to believe he is using a condom when he isn’t, or uses a non-functioning condom, (ie ripped or burst) that is some kind of offense.

I think he should be taken out of circulation. America is engaged in a global war for liberty. Its a difficult enough battle as it is without narcissists like Assange divulging military and diplomatic secrets.

Note he’s not disclosing any information from Russia or China. Note also that the original material was leaked by a homosexual activist who did so in protest at Defense Department “don’t ask don’t tell policies”. Hardly an heroic cause.

Assange can’t commit treason against the US, as he is not a US citizen. I reckon though he has sure enough committed treason against the western world.

Full arrest story here.

4 thoughts on “Daily Mail UK- Assange Will Be Arrested Today

  1. I agree, take Assange out of circulation. He more than likely put countless lives in danger and will continue to do so not to mention is an unethical scumbag who trades stolen goods from other untrustworthy scum.
    We will never see anything leaked from Russia or China. I wonder why?
    By the way, Red. Have you ever looked into where Assange came from? I read somewhere that his parents were part of some cult, all the kids had white hair. There is documentary footage of it somewhere, an Aus 60 minutes episode I think. I vaguely remember it myself. It would be worth looking into.


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