7 thoughts on “General Debate Sunday 05/12/10

  1. Deborah Coddington has nailed her leftist bias to the mast. In an article headlined ‘loony right’ she talks about former ‘right-wing politicians’, Newman and Brash, Tea Party, anti-Maori party, and opposition to foreshore and seabed bill. It is dripping with innuendo of anti-Moari rascism and cheating Maori out of their propert rights.

    The one thing she has got correct is that if Brash, Newman and others did form a true Right-wing party, there would be plenty of support.



  2. @mawn
    I was appalled too. What a silly Grey Lynn cow. The penny will never drop that Iwi are now Pakeha and loutish thugs at that too (the worst of both worlds).


  3. She along with that other idiot Roy contributed much to the fucking of the ACT party between 2002 and 2005 IMHO . . . just another politically confused “liberal”.

    The article does confirm one thing . . that she and Muriel Newman never got on. I got that impression at the occasional ACT events I used to attend a few years ago.


  4. New law seems like the nail in the coffin for the UK.


    “Employers are to be allowed to discriminate in favour of women, black and disabled job candidates under controversial new laws.”

    “will enable firms to choose women, ethnic minorities or disabled people ahead of equally qualified white male, able-bodied applicants without the risk of being sued. ”

    Pure fucking Klark-type legislation.


  5. Thanks for that link Jay. I also read this there- “The equality strategy also proposed schemes to promote equality for homosexuals, such as ‘gay-friendly’ workplaces.”

    These bastards are all just anti-freedom weasels chip chip chipping away at our liberty. Big government is the problem. The only way to Liberty is to reduce their numbers. Shrink government to 10% of what it is. Take away the power and the influence and the money that we give these scum, and that enables them in their mission to enslave us.


  6. “Deborah Coddington has nailed her leftist bias to the mast.”

    Yeah, what a traitorous bitch she turned out to be. Full of left wing bullshit. (you have to be to write for the Herald) I’m so incensed about this I’m going to write an article on her later.


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