Junior Journalists In Denial

Young journalists held a panel debate on the opening day of the Media, Investigative Journalism and Technology (MJIT) conference at Auckland University yesterday (Sat). According to Scoop “Wallace Chapman, breakfast host on KiwiFM and presenter of TVNZ7’s Backbenchers, kicked off the debate by quoting the British Journalism Review: “News journalism is in deep crisis, newspaper readership is falling, the audiences for television is shrinking, and young people in particular seem to be less interested in traditional news consumption.”” Scoop’s report on the debate can be found here.

Read it and weep. Nowhere do these self absorbed little socialist numbskulls get even close to the real reason nobody wants to read watch or listen to their rubbish anymore.

If I ever discuss this issue with anyone, the reason given for turning away from mainstream news is always that they are completely and utterly tired of the unrelenting sameness of the message.

Media these days is always about talking down to the people, and telling them they’re in dire danger of mass extinction from climate change, or that if they don’t buy into the big caring government paradigm of socialism with their heart and soul, then they’re a cold and cruel disgrace to human kind. Nobody needs this patronising bullshit, a result of intense indoctrination by left wing tutors in journalism schools, and Journalists- you should know this- until you break away from this narrative, you will not be listened to.

You want to do investigative journalism, how about investigating the rank cronyism and corruption that always underpins socialism?? Ever thought about seeking out some background information on a guy called Barack Obama for example?

FOX News is not dying. They’re growing from strength to strength. Because Roger Ailes was smart enough to know that people had had it up to here with being endlessly force fed Progressive bullshit, and decided to market something different. Reporting both sides of the issue.

The problem of course, which you can so easily diagnose from reading the subject article, is that these people just do not have their heads in the right place. Never mind. Let their denial take them where it will. I can easily live without what passes for journalism these days. If they all end up working as fruit pickers and house painters, we’ll all be so much better off.

6 thoughts on “Junior Journalists In Denial

  1. I find the same comparison could be almost equally made about mental health.

    An acqauintance who wanted to make a contribution in this area didn’t have the tenacity to finish the qualification. I felt sorry for him for having the heart to try but also knowing the people he wanted to help are simply given pills to subdue them and keep them contained. He could have done that without the quals.

    I see people coming out of these places grossly over weight and the females having lost their looks. They simply become vegetables who have spent 90% of their time eating/sleeping with no intellectual stimulation. Most patients are simply fighting depression initiated by successive govts taking away opportunities in the economy and community. This National govt is well on the way to destroying many more lives and families.


  2. The only problem I have with this Red, is that most people (most *voters*) get their fill of information from TV news. A large proportion of them actually believe what the talking heads tell them, and make decisions accordingly (it’s the only way I can reconcile the bilious bitch hanging onto power for the 9 years of darkness).

    FOX News is not dying. They’re growing from strength to strength.

    There *is* no alternative voice in New Zealand.


  3. “There *is* no alternative voice in New Zealand.”

    This is why I have a vision of radio talk back in Hamilton. I co host a programme on Community Radio butthis of coure is only one way conversation.

    I have made an appointment with a local paper to meet with a reporter. I was told by a fellow radio presenter that talk back will not be appreciated by other media.

    I know it will be appreciated by those who understand how important free speech is and an opportunity to discuss their priorities and goals on air. I’m going to try very hard to make 2011 the year this happens.


  4. Investigative journalism..?? Pffft, what fakes they are. The left pulled the GW scam right under their friggin noses. Worse, these journalist scum were the main proponents. A willing conduit for transparent propaganda. Then they have the damn gall to start talking about investigative journalism? Piss of you damn charlatanns.


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