Watermelons Lying and Scare Mongering Again

The charlatans liars and frauds calling themselves the Green Party put out a press release a couple of days ago relating to the Cancun Climate Change Convention. “If we are to avoid dangerous planetary warming, we need a fair and binding international commitment to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions,” said Watermelon spokesperson on international climate change negotiations, Dr Kennedy Graham. (funny- thought that person was Gareth Hughes)

“We can expect more erosion and dry spells like the one affecting growers around the country if no progress is made at Cancun. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) warned yesterday that Northland could be in official drought by Christmas. The same day, a Landcare Research report confirmed major erosion was taking place all over Mt Taranaki and blamed increased frequency and severity of storms due to climate change.”

Well of course Landcare would promote such specious nonsense. A large part of their funding depends on the population being frightened about climate change. This fraud Kennedy Graham then, with a rare diversion down the road of truth, goes on to shoot himself in the foot. “While no single flood or drought can be linked with perfect certainty to human-induced climate change, we know that there will be more extreme weather events.” In other words, his predictions are meaningless fact-less unscientific garbage meant to do only one thing and that is garner a few more votes for the power hungry Watermelon Party.

Cancun is already a failure. The Climate Change scam has unraveled and countries are walking away en masse from commitments made in Kyoto 1. The future Kyoto Countries include none of the top ten current emitters, and none of the top ten fastest-growing emitters. Even if there was any substance to it, why should New Zealand invest serious money in a treaty which leaves 84% of global emissions untouched?

As for the Landcare report, there are many peer-reviewed scientific studies indicating that if there is any noticeable change in weather patterns, its more likely down to natural cycles, clouds, oceanic cooling, cosmic rays, sunspots and other solar influences. There is no world climate, only many local climates and, like the weather, they are forever chaotic and unpredictable.

Taranaki Council chief executive Basil Chamberlain told the newspaper people should not be alarmed by the report. Department of Conservation area manager Phil Mohi said Pyramid Stream had been eroding for 40 years. “I think people are jumping the gun a little bit…it’s just cutting into the foot of the mountain and it’s accelerating the erosion up in the steeper areas, but basically we do get these events happening when we haven’t had rain in a long time,” he said.

So in other words its all just the same old alarmist exaggerations, half truths and lying by omission. If we had a real news media, these bastards would be called out on their power obsessed fakery. Its not as if its hard to cut them down.

10 thoughts on “Watermelons Lying and Scare Mongering Again

  1. I love apeaking out against the greens.

    I also love our clean green image and breathing clean fresh air. I suspect I shall be able to for the rest of my life. As former weather man Augie Auer commented, these fear mongers are going to look very silly in 10-15 yrs when their false prophecies fail to materialise. I had never agreed with the Greens but originally tolerated their ignorant concerns as ligitimate politicking. How ever when Sue Bradford called pro child crusader Ruby Claesson a liar I was disgusted. Claesson is a world renown child expert and lawyer who Bradford had no business being in the same room with let alone debating. It was obvious she got terribly used and abused by the Greens when they denied her the party leadership. She basically said that herself. The Greens certainly exposed themselves as snivelling little connivers in that affair. They showed me to be ashamed of Bradford and the anti-smacking law in distancing themselves from her. I really believe their policies are going to set them up for embarrassment time and time again. They drive an automatic downhill.

    Lol, I remember my school friend saying that about Liarbour when their electoral campaign slogan was ‘Keep NZ Rowling.’ Haha.


  2. I always considered Bradford’s anti-smacking bill to be Klark’s by proxy. I recall Richard Prebble saying as far back as 2001 that Klark wanted an anti-smacking bill.


  3. Angus 09:23,

    I always considered Bradford’s anti-smacking bill to be Klark’s by proxy.

    Yeah, absolutely Angus.
    I reckon Klark’s success in getting the anti-smacking bill into law had a large part to do with her getting the number three spot at the UN.

    And when you look at Key pushing the ETS, his ongoing pandering to Maori, his ignoring the referendum to repeal the anti-smacking bill, etc, etc you have to wonder what his payoff will be?

    Whatever flavour they are; Watermelon, National, Labour, etc, and whatever agenda they are pushing; ETS on the back of AGW for example, you just KNOW they do not have the best interests of the country at heart, and that they are simply pushing the party line and suck’oling up to the One Worlders who are at the top of the socialist shit-heap.

    Most politicians are worse than liars – they’re self-serving non-representative traitorous scum!


  4. Pollies make themselves so obvious when they ignore citizen initiated referendums but make their own binding. All alternative voting should be directed to the Libertarianz to teach the Beehive a lesson. That’s what they’re there for.


  5. Wiki – we are being ruled by the UN! Unelected ‘progressives’ forcing signatory countries to accept ‘treaties’, ‘declarations’ and ‘codes’…..and then apply them into that countries Laws…….and if you are good we’ll give you an overpaid job and a place at the trough.


  6. Redbaiter 11:42,

    From your link:

    The report was prepared by DARA, a leading humanitarian research organization in conjunction with the CVF (Climate Vulnerable Forum) an alliance of 11 nations* that are experiencing the most direct impacts of climate change. The paper was peer reviewed by 11 experts on human health, climate science and disaster relief.

    Does anyone else have a visceral reaction whenever they are confronted with the phrase “peer reviewed”? – one which pretty much sounds the warning “Let the bullshit begin”?

    Or maybe it’s just me?


  7. Bangladesh, Barbados, 
Bhutan, Kiribati, 
Kenya, Nepal, 
Tanzania, Vietnam 
and Maldives. – “the Climate Vulnerable Forum”.

    Now I wonder how many of those countries are hoping for a big hand-out from the UN.

    Of course the report has these unprovable ‘facts’ about what the impact of a non-occurring event is having. The mind exploding thing is how a reporter can write such mindless crap. We can expect see more ‘scare’ scenarios appearing in the MSM as the IPCC tries to regain some relevance.

    From the The Royal Society:-
    … the continued rise in greenhouse gas emissions in the past decade and the delays in a comprehensive global emissions reduction agreement have made achieving this target extremely difficult, arguably impossible, raising the likelihood of global temperature rises of 3◦C or 4◦C within this century. Yet, there are few studies that assess the potential impacts and consequences of a warming of 4◦C or greater in a systematic manner.

    Of course the Royal Society report is all bullshit about how bad anthropogenic global warming is…….all doom and gloom.


  8. “The mind exploding thing is how a reporter can write such mindless crap. ”

    Dead right. How far down the tube are we when such clearly specious nonsense gets past the editors?

    “Or maybe it’s just me?”

    Its not just you. The whole process is utterly corrupt.


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