Directionless Key Gives Minor Parties A Foothold

John Keys weak waffling PM persona goes over well with a majority not that interested in politics. Having no discernible political standpoint might succeed in not offending anyone, but it opens the door wide for the minor parties not afraid to push an agenda. A strong leader able to project a political viewpoint and persuade others to subscribe to that viewpoint would cause voter interest in minor parties to wane. Key does not have that quality, so we’re seeing somewhat of a revival in a party who does have such a leader. Whether you love or hate Peters, if some of his presentation and persuasive skills rubbed off on Key it might help him.

Problem is its not just presentation, its having ideas in the first place, and that’s where Key and National fall down. In fact they haven’t just fallen down, they’re lying there in a state of blue lipped paralysis. Who knows what their ideals are, and when they’re so ready to hedge and equivocate on forming a coalition with such as Peters, then how can they have ideals? Goff too is not ruling out an alliance with NZ First. How can the leader of a party that stills owes NZers something like $140,000 in repayments for misappropriated money still wield such power?

So if Peters comes back and Labour gets the voter support the Horizon poll suggests, John Key is worth nothing in respect of policy. We need a new party, and one that will firmly state its principles, (hopefully the ones National have betrayed and John Key apparently knows nothing about) and sets itself apart from the tepid mix that is currently on offer.

There is a question though over Don Brash and it relates to his courage and his ability to fight and his “stickability”. If he puts his head up, he needs to stay clear of the fake right wingers (Hooten etc) and forge his own path. Voters are crying out for an alternative to the breakfast bowl mediocrity of Labour, National, Maori and NZ First. Never a better chance for a fresh party with a fresh message. If you do it Mr. Brash, surround yourself with staunch believers. White ants did you in last time. In tandem with a disgustingly partisan and cowardly media. If you go again, make sure you’ve got a strategy to deal with these insidious forces. Then just stick with it.

2 thoughts on “Directionless Key Gives Minor Parties A Foothold

  1. The new National boy in Tauranga is probably still riding the crest of his wave but Winston seems to have a discrettly popular come back. Personally, I just hope he’s a strong case to keep MMP. That draw card is his Godsend. The stinking media is so quiet on the revisal of the EFB and the ETS. Butt he benefits of MMP which is hardly old are entrenched now everyone has experienced the wonder of two votes. It feels very empowering and there is no way the electorate will vote against it. And the govt made it binding haha. Faaaa, the jokes on them..snicker.


  2. See the latest poll on stuff, about fleeing police, 85% think the fleeing drivers are completly to blame. Do the media report is this way? Has National vowed to crack down on this blatent trend?

    There is still a lot of normal people in this country and there would be plenty of support for politicians prepared to stand by fair and free, conservative policy.


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