Mainstream Media- Great News, Melbourne Age Going Broke

I lived in Melbourne for a while. I found it an extremely disappointing place. I frequently refer to it as the Pacific’s North Korea. Its one of those places where the left have a strangle hold on the culture and are rapidly killing off everything that was ever good or going to be good.

Apart from its weather, one of the worst features of Melbourne is the local newspaper, one of the most disgusting far left propaganda sheets in Australasia. It has been a most useful tool in the left’s quest to control the culture. Every loony left dopey watermelon crazy feminist insane Marxist Gramscian idea that ever surfaced and in so many cases have crippled the state of Victoria, germinated in the editorial, opinion and news pages of the Melbourne Age.

The good news is its going broke faster than an alcoholic with a gambling habit. It’s lost $101million in revenue and $68m in profit over the past five years. Proof that nothing will stop the left. They will destroy everything. Even their own propaganda organs. They’re that destructive.

The real answer to the Age’s problems is to sack every journalist and editor at the paper and replace them with objective reporters. They won’t do it of course. With media Progressives, ideology comes first. They’ll do everything but that and remain in that delusional leftist state of mind until the doors close for that last time. Simultaneously, these whining useless hypocrites will scorn the very successful FOX news and misrepresent it as right wing rather than balanced. In an attempt to camouflage their own far left editorial stance, and the real reason they’ve gone broke.

All been kept secret of course. All for openness these lying scheming left wing propagandists posing as journalists, but they’ll never shine any light on their own politically corrupt and failing industry.

Anyway, they won’t fix it. Probably don’t know how. In a year or two they’ll be gone, and Palin will probably be President of The US. To hell with them. Damn good riddance to utterly filthy rubbish that has been a devious and duplicitous stain on Australia’s democracy for far too long.

Lets hope The NZ Herald, a similar stain on NZ’s democratic process, isn’t far behind.

Full report on The Age’s predicament here.

3 thoughts on “Mainstream Media- Great News, Melbourne Age Going Broke

  1. The CEO has been fired. And As Andrew Bolt said at his blog

    surely one … fatal error has been to have turned the Age into an ideological Bible for the inner-urban Left, closing debates rather than opening them up.

    That’s exactly what they do. It really is a filthy left-wing propaganda rag. Matt McCarten would be right at home there.


  2. I blame the Age for a lot of the DPRV’s leftist nonsense. No dams for 25 years. An obsession with wind and solar. The state overrun with illegals.

    This is the city that looked at a candidate from the watermelon party and said “that’s our guy. He represents our values. We’re sending him to Canberra!”

    Fucking morons. Funny thing is, I can’t find a single person who’ll admit to voting for the little twerp!


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