Broke- Kalifornia Today, Where Else Tomorrow?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been Republican Governor of California for a while now. He (and his wife) are IMHO politically ignorant nincompoops who shouldn’t be in charge of a corner drug store. Because he’s a Republican, that party saw Arnie’s win as a victory. It never was. (McClintock was the man) Arnie’s election was a victory for the left, and as I expected, the politically ineffectual girlie man has allowed the out of control leftist dominated state government of Kalifornia to do whatever their loony left heart desired. And they have achieved what they always wanted. The state is broke. Not just broke, but utterly and completely smacked out knock down broke.

Trouble is the entitlement mentality that the left have cultivated all this time. Now there is no more money you know its not going to be the left’s fault. Its CAPITALISM that’s at fault. Of course. So there will be riots in the streets and more destruction will be wrought but it won’t change the situation. The left have killed the host as they always intended to. The left will get the rioting they always wanted to get. They have won in Kalifornia.

So the real point is this- Why didn’t Arnie and the rest of the so called right see this coming? Why have they allowed the left to win so completely? Why are they so blind to what a desperate and duplicitous and evil enemy we are all threatened by? Why are we here in NZ, like Arnie, apparently so puzzlingly blind to the same potential outcomes that have eventuated in Kalifornia? Its one question I have no real answer for. Apart from wondering about the existence of some kind of lemming gene.

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  1. The answer will come Red when conservatives no longer defend business simply because the Left over-demonizes it. Schwarzenegger was brought in by the RINO wing of the GOP led by Pete Wilson and Karl Rove. McClintock was the anti-Statist, and was aiming to take them down a peg. They got him first by using MSM — Arnold star appeal plus Jay Leno plus the old refrain against McClintock “he can’t win.” Here is the last USA Today/CNN/GALLUP poll before the recall that shows that without Schwarzenegger in the race, McClintock wins BIG.

    It was the moneyed interests that killed the last conservative thrust in the Golden State. They look like they’re on the Right, and talk like capitalists, but they are out to gain the upper hand. They’re racketeers who get laws past rather than just break the law like gangsters. And like the Godfather, they say “it’s only business” to their victims. They want to sound amoral, but they are more immoral than the Leftists. At least the Left doesn’t hide its rotten core.

    It’s a Leftist/Statist alliance, only most of the Left don’t know it.
    And its a RINO/Statist alliance when those on the Right defend “business” like those.

    Leftists to do much of the heavy lifting, and RINOs do the protecting of both the Left and the Statists. Leftists alone cannot gain any headway because they beliefs are fallacious, and so must fail (see your tea shirt logo on another thread) or violence or both. The truth will out with the Left. But the Statists still hide their intentions until the pig pen is completed. I’m pretty sure you know that metaphor don’t you Red?

    The Left is bad, but we know them to be bad. It won’t serve our interests to call the phoney right Leftist, because they are much more sensible about it. They aren’t Marxists — they’re autocrats and authoritarian and plutocratic. But the look like capitalists until you find out what they’ve been up to — usually too late. They own the LSM investigative journalists today. So it’s the phony rightist Statists will always be our bête noir. Because they know how to hide — much better than the overly broad Senator Palpatine in Star Wars — and somehow always convince us they are the victim, they continue to get away with it. Email me Red. This rant is too long.


  2. Bizzare situation. California hold some of the wealthiest in the nation with high property taxes and yet its broke. Obviously the good times were never exploited, just taken for granted. The wealthy are leaving the US. They wanted the tax breaks but not to be part of the solution. True parasites who break the poor then point the finger at them. With the support of neo cons who state money is not the answer but want all of it. Bikies call themselves one per centers. The top one per cent in the US are the absolute real criminals.


  3. The reason I responded here was because you asked “where else tomorrow?”

    The destroyers of America took down California first. I fought them then, and I underestimated them. So I don’t want anyone else to make that mistake. And I didn’t want you to come to the wrong conclusions. Coming to the wrong conclusions will mean you will fail to win. Sun Tsu’s warning. Know yourself, know your enemy, you will win every time.

    The first thing in my opinion is do not make the mistake that the RINOs and Statists are Leftists. Their goal may appear to be the same, but it’s not. Stalinist and Hitlerian, maybe, Marxist, hardly.

    Hence I don’t subscribe to the Statists any Leftism at all, even if they help promote the Left. The Left is their tool.
    The Left has nihilists. The Statists don’t want to rule burnt embers.
    The Left gives lip service to the “oppressed”/ The Statists are the most oppressive.
    The Left has greenies and Malthusians / The Statists use the green agenda to raise taxes and increase regulations, and aim to reduce humanity to a manageable malleable herd.
    The Left has embraced Islam as the enemy of its enemy / The Statists like the enforced regimentation of Islamic society.
    The Left embraces anti-theism, bemoaning restrictions on behavior (but playing as if fearful of Muslims, somehow give them a pass — I’m not buying it (see enemy of my enemy)) / The Statists would rise to be gods as were the Caesars.

    It will become much easier to take down America, and served as a pilot program too. As an opponent of all that, I would hate to see another place fall due to the machinations of the schemers. I experienced what they were doing as did many others. But the voices and the bank accounts were too overwhelming for us to defeat. And I didn’t yet understand how much money they had to deploy moles and provocateurs and clowns of all kinds to


  4. I was under the impression that every time Arnie tried to pass a budget to reduce the deficit the Dem majority voted against it.

    The old saw says that what happens in California follows in the rest of America……and then the world.


  5. Mawm, Arnold also tried to pass initiatives with the voters that allegedly would have been financially sound, but they were simply more borrowing, and you know where that has led. The single biggest thing he did not do, that McClintock would have attempted, was to challenge the $16 billion in energy contracts (signed by the recalled Davis) that Arnold’s backers did not want to see challenged. After that sum was left untouched, the handwriting was on the wall, and businesses started leaving the state. One of my biggest clients, Lockheed-Martin, was one of them.


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