New Book- Smack Children As First Resort

A new book by an Australian mother and childcare worker say that reasoning and arguing with young children is the wrong course of action and that a sharp smack should be the first strategy with a misbehaving child.

Sue Edgerly has fifteen years experience working with children in schools and child care. Currently, she consults with a finishing school and runs a program improving children’s manners and social skills. Her passion for children’s welfare lead to writing the parenting advice book, 5 Keys Parenting. She says parents should stop praising their children and trying to be their friends. There is too much explaining and reasoning with kids, instead of discipline. Quality time is a myth, she says, and mothers should, if they truly want quality time, stay home to look after their kids.

Her book advocates a return to “updated” traditional parenting, with an emphasis on firm, clear boundaries, supported by affection. She says the five keys of traditional parenting are composure, consistency, control, courtesy and caring. Edgerley blames modern life for slack parenting, which is no longer based around clear discipline, clear roles and a fragmentation of family life. “Children do not respect their parents’ authority and do not seem to have much faith in their parents’ ability to make good decisions,” Edgerley says.

I reckon she is dead right. Full story here.

3 thoughts on “New Book- Smack Children As First Resort

  1. With what National has done (or rather hasn’t done) over the Klark/Bradford smacking bill, it is most likely down to the fact that Key himself personally supports it (IMHO). But of course, he’ll never say one way or the other.


  2. And in the meantime, a 3 year old dead in Auckland and a newborn killed in Christchurch! But good on her, perhaps things might be turning a corner (thank heavens I am old enough and was able to administer a short, sharp slap as a first resort when my lot were young)


  3. “With what National has done (or rather hasn’t done) over the Klark/Bradford smacking bill”

    Angus, this is neither the Klark nor the Bradford bill, but the Key law. The only reason it went through in the first place was because the Nats supported it. The only reason it still exists today is because arrogant Neville Key decided to give 90% of the country a slap in the face and tell them their opinion is worthless.


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