Len Brown and Darren Hughes- Partners in Light Rail Deceit

Loopy Lenny and the Pink Faced Poof are both intent on building a train set for Auckland. They want a rail link to the Airport, a CBD rail loop, light rail on the surface streets, and a rail tunnel under the Waitemata harbour. They need to sell this idea to Auckland and to the rest of NZ. (because we will probably all end up paying for it) Practiced con artists that they are, and well experienced in how to dupe NZ voters, Len and Darren will continue to lie about three basic factors in their argument for trains. The three lies they will use are-

1) Rail will reduce congestion. A lie. Amounts spent on rail are so huge other roading projects (a far better alternative in terms of cost benefit) must suffer. Rail networks add to congestion.

2) Rail networks have considerably better cost benefit ratios than other forms of public transport. A lie. Such projects are notorious for amazing cost overruns. See 3) below for the other part of this lie.

3) Rail will move x amount of passengers and produce y amount of revenue. A lie. These claims are always false and used to underpin the false CBRs referred to in Lie 2. Experience shows that figures for x and y are always far too optimistic. Often the trains only carry half the estimated passengers and produce less than half the income generated.

Bottom line is rail is impractical, unaffordable and uneconomic to operate. Right now, with NZ’s parlous economic situation, it’s a loony idea that we need like we need collective holes in our collective heads. Want a detailed analysis of this summary? Go here and read the usual excellent stuff from Own McShane- Retro Rail Alert

7 thoughts on “Len Brown and Darren Hughes- Partners in Light Rail Deceit

  1. Yessss

    I predict a strong rail link between Hamilton and Auks very soon

    With no govt support Loosehead Len will have to turn to Hams for it.


  2. I’ve got some very good stuff on construction cost overruns that I will incorporate into later posts on this issue. These things just soak up money like you would not believe.


  3. All anyone needs to do is look at the DPRV’s capital city. The trains are packed, and I mean FUCKING PACKED every damn day, and still the operators don’t turn a decent profit.

    On top of that, the lines are all turn-of-the-century (and I mean the 20th, not the 21st). They buckle in the heat, they flood in the rain and they get icy & slippery in the cold. All the flash new rolling stock that gets pushed out has to be turned off in the middle of summer and the dead of winter, because it can’t operate in the extremes of temperature.

    We have additionally had a spate recently of the more upper-crust of society getting onto carriages in groups of 6-10, getting out the spray cans and markers and redecorating the carriages. In front of passengers who, if they dare say anything, get the crap kicked out of them for their troubles.

    Rail is a joke, pure and simple. A watermelon’s wet dream which, as Whale says, is always for “other people” to use. Most of my work-mates refuse to use it, preferring instead to spend an hour in their car than 45 minutes on the train. The business case for rail simply doesn’t stack up, either at the macro level or the personal level.


  4. 16 years later, as Auckland comes to a halt .. The No to train network NO sayers are so so right … if their dreams . Never travel to London, Europe or even Perth, Sydney or Melbourne where every one uses rail to get in to an AFL game or the Melbourn cup,


    • If only … if only central and local government in our little socialist utopia would put the contract to build the lines and run the service to international tender. If only public companies could sniff a dollar in investing in a proper train service to cover all of Auckland (not just south of the bridge, while requiring those north of the bridge to pay for it).

      But no, in our little socialist utopia, private enterprise is to be frowned upon, profit decried. The government, cry the sheeple, is the only entity that can move us from our homes to our work and back again. As a result, Auckland council is a hotch-potch of incompetents, communists and life-servers all engaged vigorously in destroying the wealth of every Aucklander to sacrifice at the alter of Big Government.


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