Goff- Equivocating Con Man

Goff has been making a lot of noise recently about standing up for the middle class. Reducing the squeeze. As I have remarked before, the objective of the left has always been to crush the middle class, as Lenin said, between the two grindstones of taxation and inflation. And for some decades now, they’ve been doing very well with this strategy. Can a leopard change its spots?

Yesterday afternoon Duncan Garner asked Goff directly- “does his rhetoric mean that if he is PM, he will introduce tax cuts for the middle class?” Here is Goff’s answer-

“They will be facing absolutely no tax increases and if we crack down on tax avoiders and dodgers… and we can get further revenue from those sources, then down the track, they’re the people, if there is a chance to give tax relief, that will get it.”

This is what he calls “standing up” ??? Its nothing but meaningless obfuscating cowardly waffle. What contempt this cheap con man must have for NZ voters that he thinks he can utter such weasel words and earn their vote. How depraved and empty the field of politics must be when representatives would offer such words without a skerrick of apparent shame. What a shallow pool of talent the Labour party must have if they would elect as leader a man so feeble of mind as to utter such words. Whenever I think I have seen the worst of the left, they always come up with something that forces me to reassess. This is so bad, it almost makes John Key look decisive and purposeful.

6 thoughts on “Goff- Equivocating Con Man

  1. As with investors, there will be a big purge against the middle class to finally eradicate them.

    A new confidence in investing will be introduced to mop up the last vestiges of middle class wealth and this fits in neatly with Liarbours hot air rhetoric.

    If you ever wonder how fortunes are lost, including Ed McMahon in his final months, look no further than the stock market. The media never explained how he lost his fortune which is bizarre because it would be the first q on everyones minds. Simply put, he was greedy. He was old and had enough to last till the end of his days.

    If you listen to Gareth Edwards, you’ll learn investment analysts have no idea or any better than their clients. The best earner is your banks interest. And better still a NZ owned bank.


  2. It’s interesting that the working man’s party seeks the middle class vote.
    But then most of parliamentary Labour is now part of that section of society that is the self hating white middle class anyway. They are Labour in name only and long ago stopped representing the “working man”,that term would be seen as sexist and contrary to the new age mantra of diversity and equality,which to my mind are inherently contradictory.
    The NZ middle class is relatively poor and so is open to bribery via student loans , working for families etc. Sad but this state of affairs will not change any time soon.The way forward is greater productivity and smaller govt. It’s just not going to happen. The country and it’s leaders ,in both parties ,are wedded to welfare.
    Only a major fiscal shock,as per Europe, will force the current leadership to change ,by then it will be too late and the changes will then have to be sudden and drastic.
    In the meantime Labour will continue to undermine the traditional NZ middle classes with social engineering,human rightism,internationalism,progessivism etc. And sadly National will not oppose this to any great degree,indeed National have been part of it through it’s commitment to UN legislation in this country.


  3. The whole issue boils down to one simple fact-

    For years, politicians have been spending money they didn’t have.

    Suddenly its time to pay off the credit bill, and there is no money to do so. There won’t be any tax relief engineered by politicians like Goff. There will though be massive loan defaults as the whole public/ government structure collapses under the weight of the debt these blundering fools have loaded us with.


  4. Goff is just being a politician – making a statement that he hopes sounds good enough to garner a few votes………and never actually intending to do it.

    Good examples of others doing so are:-

    ” New Zealand should not be a leader (in climate change), because that will come at the expense of our economy”. – John Key

    ” I see no sense in New Zealand exporting emissions and jobs to another part of the world”. – John Key

    “Proponents of the bill say that doesn’t matter; that in reality no one is ever going to be prosecuted for lightly smacking their child. But if the reality is that no one is ever going to be prosecuted for lightly smacking their child, then don’t make it illegal. Don’t make it a crime.” – John Key


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