Oprah and the Golliwogs

Nope not the name of a new band. Just a catchy headline to kick off a story that combines two or three offensive concepts. The first thing I’m offended by is Tourism being run by government. Promotion of tourism should be down to tourism businesses. The idea that politicians should take money from some businesses and prop up others is idiotic and fascist. The idea that government bureaucrats should be spending money swanning all over the world on jaunts promoting tourism irritates the hell out of me. Just get the hell out of it you bludging rorting parasites and charlatans.

Oprah’s trip was subsidized by Australian taxpayers to the tune of $AUS4 million.

Utterly disgusting, and made even more offensive by the fact that the government tourist board commandeered the whole idea from a group of private promoters anyway.

Three, I’m offended by this Obama promoting race baiting bimbo Oprah Winfrey anyway. I’ve never watched her show. I know she used it to promote Barack Obama to the presidency because he was a black socialist. That pissed a lot of people off. I know that since then her show has gone downhill and frankly I’m doubtful whether she’s worth the effort.

Now here’s the most ridiculous part of the whole damn story- While the Australian mainstream media gushes in a PC liberal frenzy over this has been, a Melbourne (where else???) doll shop has withdrawn a golliwog from its display to avoid offending the Oprah Winfrey roadshow. The store removed the “Mamee” washer woman dolls after a visit by Oprah’s production company.

The Dafel Dolls and Bears shop in Block Arcade has signed a confidentiality agreement with Harpo productions, but confirmed a meeting had taken place. A source familiar with the agreement said: “Oprah’s people came … and yes it was discussed. As a result, they won’t have that particular doll on display.” Some golliwogs will remain on display. They have an explanatory note on the origins of the black dolls, a throwback to the toys enjoyed by Egyptian children when British troops occupied the country in the late 1800s.

But golliwog defenders say the figures are nothing to do with racism and are seen by children as just bright and friendly dolls. A spokeswoman for Oprah’s Ultimate Adventure declined to comment, but Tourism Victoria said neither it, nor Harpo Productions, had told the shop owner to remove the dolls. Yeah right.

Full story here.

4 thoughts on “Oprah and the Golliwogs

  1. Well, there should be black dolls for black kids.

    Good call on govt and tourism. I never made that connection before.

    But….. brilliant article in business page of Waikato Times today.

    Regional economies received hundreds of millions of dollars a year from dairying. Top last year was Southland with $710m. Matamata $552m Waikato $390m.

    Fonterra CEO, Andrew Ferrier gave NZ a 4 out of 10 for recognising the importance of dairying. (probably thank Greens for that low number)

    An extra $1 payout for meant $270 more for every Kiwi.

    Dairying accounted for 2.8% or 5b of GDP. $10.4b of export earnings.

    The industry supported 34,000 jobs. More than the finance and accomodation sectors combined.

    So my q is, why is milk or any dairy product so expensive as if they are being imported from outer space.


  2. Hawkes Bay ratepayers are fleeced of $2m a year which goes to an organisation called Venture Hawkes Bay.Last year they lost ,yes lost $500,000 and no one has been made accountable! Where has it gone?


  3. They used to be funded by the territorial authorities but switched to the environmental council (regional council).This enables them to tap all ratepayers.The territorials still fund tourism as well.


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