Uk Study- Criminals In Jail Means Less Crime

A study carried out by research group Civitas shows that peaks in crime rates tend to be associated with a significant reduction in the prison population. Although this trend can be observed in several countries, for instance Denmark and Portugal, the paradigm example is Italy. In 2007, the total number of police recorded offenses catapulted by over 160,000, following a mass pardon of prisoners the previous year. The crime rate only began to fall once the prison population crept up towards its 2006 level.

It was the same story in Canada, where a sudden drop in the number of inmates from 2000 saw more crime in society. The opposite has happened in the Netherlands, where much tougher jail sentences appear to have driven down crime. The renowned American academic Steven Levitt argues ‘the evidence linking an increase in punishment to lower crime is very strong’.

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7 thoughts on “Uk Study- Criminals In Jail Means Less Crime

  1. I hope that tax payers’ money wasn’t spent on the study. Talk about stating the obvious.

    Mind you, these days if you don’t have some ‘study’ to back up your claims it’s just regarded as “opinion” and not fact-based.

    Now all we need is a similar study into whether – “Death Penalty for Violent Crimes Means Less Violent Crime”


  2. Prison does work

    I went with my Polytech class to Waikeria last year. One of the wardens said internment had become a science that the prison service was mastering with less re offenders returning. Unfortunately, prisons will be privatised and all the good work will be wasted. Govt policies leaving huge voids in the community are just as bad.

    Lets all remember the wise Bolger ” poverty does not contribute to crime”

    No wonder he’s the Dean of Waikato Uni. He’s winking at us. He was a lefty all the time.


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