Top American Baseballer Publicly Questions Obama’s Birth

Real Hawaiian Birth Certificate

Update- 04/27/11 Obama releases long form birth certificate.

How long before Obama’s mainstream media propaganda squad will be forced to face the truth about their leader? Luke Scott, a US baseball star, has stated in a widely published interview that he doubts Obama was born in America. Good to see, and eventually more and more people will speak out on this fraud and break down the wall of misinformation and lies that the media have built around their General.

Even on this particular web page, the sneaking and cowardly editor goes to the trouble of inserting a copy of Obama’s COLB into the text of the interview, once again implying that this document is his birth certificate. I am so sick of these mainstream media liars. The COLB is not Obama’s birth certificate. It is a document frequently given to people who have satisfied conditions for citizenship but may have been born outside the US. Obama’s Birth Certificate remains hidden from public view in an Hawaiian public records storage facility. Or so it is claimed.

This is the issue that prompts people like Luke Scott to be skeptical. If Obama was born in the US, and his birth certificate proves it, why doesn’t he show the damn thing instead of the doubt producing COLB? Answer- As Scott says, Obama has got something to hide. For two most obvious examples, either the birth certificate does not exist or it shows he was born elsewhere.

Scott makes another good point. Nobody should escape accountability. Not even the President of The US, as Nixon’s downfall showed. Only with the support of an utterly corrupt mainstream media can Obama survive. Never forget this treachery.

Full story here.

UPDATE- Notre Dame Professor Says House of Reps Can Investigate Obama’s Eligibility.

6 thoughts on “Top American Baseballer Publicly Questions Obama’s Birth

  1. Obama is definitely a one term pres.

    The neo cons have won the consciousness of the people. They will vote Republican in droves and place the US in perpetual war. Too blinded to see the alternatives to the system and punish the betrayers of their nation.


  2. There’s also LTC Terry Lakin, who has served in the US military for 18 years but refuses to be redeployed to Afghanistan until Obama shows his real birth certificate. He argues that the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces has no authority to command unless it can be proved he was born in the US.

    He is due to be court-martialed in 5 days.

    See his site (watch his 3 min video) here –


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