Cory Bernadi- “Let The Revolution Begin”

New post up at Cory Bernadi’s blog- “There are three types of people in Australia.

The first of these are the Radicals that are trying to tear down our institutions and diminish our historical values because these don’t fit with their own view of how the world should function.

The majority are those who are apathetic to the societal changes going on around them until it affects them personally. This second group is characteristic of those who typically strive for a better life for themselves and their families, free of interference.

The third are the Conservatives that seek to protect and defend the structures and values that have allowed our nation to achieve the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy today.”

The usual great stuff from one of my favourite Australian Senators. Where is the NZ model?

3 thoughts on “Cory Bernadi- “Let The Revolution Begin”

  1. “Where is the NZ model?” C’mon Red, you know better than that. If any kiwi Conservative dared enter the political arena, he would be torn to shreds by the status-quo-worshippers, the head-in-the-sand numpties, the centre and the left. Just look at the vitriol and poison directed at Conservatives who dare enter the discourse on the blogs. Look at the way you (and to a far lesser extent, I) am attacked on kiwiblog. Look at the way the cowardly traitor Key dismisses Brash and his ideas, or Douglas and his (and Douglas ain’t even a Conservative!). The very mention of Saint Ruth Richardson’s name brings about howls and shrieks of outrage.

    There is a long history of playing the man/woman rather than the ball in New Zealand. Rather than a contest of ideas, elections specifically, and politics in general, is a combination of ad hominem attacks and lolly-scramble, trying to buy the sheeples’ votes and not get anyone’s snout out of the trough. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows Don Brash should have been Prime Minister after the 2005 election. He was defeated not by Liarbore and their policies, but by their lies and innuendo (and the white-ant English of course)

    Nope, I reckon any Conservative who wanted to enter politics in New Zealand would have to be without spot, blemish or wrinkle. And I know of only one bloke in all human history that fit that mould, and it wasn’t fraudster and conman Len fucking Brown.


  2. I’m not so sure GG. I think the mistake most people make is not recognising the media as the enemy. They seek to make an ally of an adversary. Sarah Palin has got a lot of traction by means of her refusal to play the media’s game this time around. That I think is the way it has to be done in NZ. Without the FOX news element though I agree it would be a lot more difficult than in the states.

    I just read a comment by Windflier on Free Republic that made me reflect on your comment.


    In my opinion, the America that we grew up in no longer exist, and will continue to decline, despite the great wins in the mid terms.

    Friend, you’ve let your pessimism and the left get the best of you, if you think that the 2010 midterms weren’t a clear sign that this nation’s spirit is still alive and healthy. We’re in the midst of an all-American resurgence that’s just getting started.

    Buck up. We’ve got a rough road ahead, but we’re going to be alright.



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