NZ First Select Genius For Tauranga

NZ Herald reports- New Zealand First has chosen former TV One weatherman Brendan Horan as its candidate for Tauranga, the seat once held by party leader Winston Peters. His website says this- Frequently referred to as “Mr Sunshine” or “Mr Personality”, Brendan’s handsome and cheerful disposition enamored the New Zealand public and set a great many feminine hearts a flutter. The former male swimsuit model and athlete ‘Brendan who has modeled with Kathy Ireland, Pauline Polinsky and Elle McPherson for ‘Sports Illustrated’ Magazine, possesses an endearing romantic voice with a casual ‘beach’ charm which is sure to warm hearts. His wonderful onstage charisma will alight fans aglow with comparisons to the ‘big voices’ of Sinatra, Presley and Tom Jones as he brings on the sunshine.

Wow, an ex TV Weatherman. Now there’s a profession that will have prepared him well for the cut and thrust of National politics. He introduces himself with this sunny forecast of the brilliance to come-

“Since Winston left nothing has really happened in Tauranga except the young people have been loaded with more student debt, self-employed small business owners are really struggling and senior citizens are being continually threatened with lower superannuation or a higher retiring age,”

Note this is not a solution to any problems. This is just an attempt to portray problems Mr. Horan perceives in the electorate in words he understands. What Mr. Horan should have tacked on to the end of that statement is this ” I’m going to give students more money by looting small business, and I’m also going to give pensioners more money by looting small business, and I’m simultaneously going to relieve small business owners of insufferable tax burdens.

Kind of like “the weather is going to be fine and sunny today but fine periods will be interspersed with rain and clouds.” Keep an eye on Mr. Horan, he’s clearly destined for greatness in NZ politics. Actually, he sounds and looks a bit like Winston reincarnate.

10 thoughts on “NZ First Select Genius For Tauranga

  1. They ditched him because he was more correct than anyone before him, because he didn’t listen to what the Metservice told him to say for 5 days out but he worked it out for himself through his own knowledge of maori folklore and weather cycles, and he wasn’t a global warmer and a climate-change alarmist because he was smarter than that. The government desperately needs voices of reason, so the stupid greens don’t bleed us all bankrupt


  2. Look, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but right now, we need people with some political nous in parliament.

    What is in this guy’s profile that indicates he has a clue about politics?


  3. Aha. What do you call political nous? People who will do anything, say anything and tell any amount of lies just to stay in control? People who will do deals with the devil? people who will tax us to the brim so they can pay for their own political advertising?


  4. Murray, that’s the exact opposite of what Red meant. We have enough of the people you describe already. They are the entire National Party, Liarbore Party, Watermelon, ACT and especially Apartheid Party caucuses. The difference with Winston First I guess is that at least Winston is up-front with his mendacity and cronyism.

    By the way, where’s my $158,000?


  5. That’s right, I agree with Red. Anybody is better than the lot we have now and the Labour/greens. I was being sarky. I say give Brendan a go. What does he stand for? you’ll have to ask him. But if he’s smart he’ll keep his policies until just before the elcetion, or John Key will make them National promises and take away NZ First’s point of difference.


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