Street Surveillance Cameras Testify to Left’s Ongoing Destruction of Our Culture

Brian Rudman is a Progressive opinion columnist for the Progressive newspaper the NZ Herald. He was recently a large part of the far left media cheer squad that succeeded in getting the cretinous commie Len Brown elected mayor of Auckland city. Of course now that loony Lenny is mayor, what’s one of the first things he wants to do? Put up more spy cameras. Like all commies, Lenny doesn’t give a damn for anyone’s right to walk the streets free of surveillance from electronic devices. He’s big brother and he’s watching, and he likes it.

Len justifies the huge expenditure and the onerous intrusion by pointing to rising crime figures. Its left wing social policies that have increased crime, and now we have left wingers supporting big brother cameras to prevent it.

Of course one of the other big reasons for cameras is to fight terrorism. Neither Len or Brian mention that, because they’re both commies and therefore terrorism is only a propaganda device of the Bush capitalist arms industry global power conglomerate and doesn’t really exist.

What’s that? What about Stockholm at the weekend? Oh, that was just some loan nutter, and the message from Al Qaida claiming responsibility was a false flag operation by the still operating Bush shadow government too. Lenny and Brian know all this because their good buddy Keith Locke told them, and he’s got the inside running on all this stuff.

Currently, the western world is forced to jump through hoops from New York to London because of terrorism, and the reason we have to endure this insufferable intrusion of the state is once more down to the left and their weakness on terrorism. With their refusal to fight, and worse, their ideological commitment to undermine the west’s position at every opportunity, they have emboldened the terrorists. They want them released from Guantanamo, even when its known that 25% of those who are released return to terrorism. Probably its a lot more than 25%.

Shut the hell up about cameras Brian. They irritate the hell out of me, and I’d take them down tomorrow if I could, but after that event, its essential that we start doing what is really necessary to fight crime and terrorism. Essentially, that means we stop listening to the wrong headed drivel of the likes of Brian Rudman and Paul Krugman, and stop electing drooling socialist morons like Lenny Brown and Barack Obama. The cameras are up and they’re testament to the fact that the left are destroying our civilisation in so many ways.

Oh, and Brian’s drivel is here.

4 thoughts on “Street Surveillance Cameras Testify to Left’s Ongoing Destruction of Our Culture

  1. Ever get the feeling that NZ is on exactly the same set of tracks as Britain where there are something like 4.2 million public surveillance cameras ?


  2. “Ever get the feeling that NZ is on exactly the same set of tracks as Britain”

    Often. Even while the destruction is so apparent there to you and I Angus, our politicians still want to take us headlong to the same destination. What the hell is it with these odious people, and the damn fools who keep electing them?


  3. RB, If you’ve read some of the outrage at that viloent machete attack on that police officer, it always amazes me as to how no one ever asks:

    *Why weren’t thing this bad 40 years ago?*
    *What’s changed?*


  4. First of all there wasn’t a drug epidemic 40 yrs ago let alone P.

    People wanted to work and people were able to work.

    And the country was probably run by the politicians then.

    There was corporal punishment in schools and discipline in the community.

    And housing was affordable and people could get educated.

    Otoh, very little to do if you weren’t into rugby, racing and beer.


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