Immigration Report- Bureaucrats Care Not One Jot For NZ Taxpayer

I’m convinced the words “cost benefit analysis” must be banned in the corridors of government. When every dollar of expenditure counts, and our deficit grows by the minute, and the only chance of relief is a watery prediction of a global pickup in 2011, we should not be spending one dollar we shouldn’t have to. So I was annoyed to read a NZ Herald story on an Immigration report by the usual bunch of freeloaders. An initiative of Labour, it took four damn years to prepare including visits to all islands. It ended with recommending the usual grab bag of giveaways and add on costs to the taxpayer that all these farcical events always end up with.

Let us start off with something important here. European NZers of Judeo Christian heritage built NZ into one of the most successful and prosperous little countries in the world. How about some damn recognition of that fact? Hard working, sober, law abiding, they built this damn country and what they built should have been retained. Not attacked and broken down by wrongheaded Progressive social policies promoted by the global socialist movement. The report includes the following points-

  • a semi-amnesty on overstayers, saying Immigration should go easy on otherwise law-abiding overstayers who front up.
  • expressed concern that overstayers’ children were not getting the education or healthcare they needed because parents were afraid they would get caught.
  • more attention should be given to countries for which New Zealand has some constitutional responsibility – Niue, the Cook Islands and Tokelau – as well as Polynesia and Kiribati.
  • the NZ Government should ensure those countries received similar standards of health, education, policing and justice services that a town or city of similar size would expect in New Zealand.
  • rules for pension eligibility should also be relaxed so people could return or move to those islands without affecting their pensions.
  • recommended more investment in young businesses, including the setting up of a $100 million fund to lend money for new business ventures and providing natural disaster insurance to give investors more confidence.

So here we are again. The authors of this report want NZers to fork out more of their hard earned money that NZers want to spend on their own families, looking after families on far away atolls and islands. They want NZ taxpayers to fork out more money looking after the families of overstayers who should not damn well be here in the first place. They want NZ taxpayers to pay for police health and education on their islands. They want NZ taxpayers to pay for their pensions. They want NZ taxpayers to lend them money to start businesses. They want NZ taxpayers to high risk insure them against violent and unpredictable weather.

Where the damn hell did the authors of this report get the idea that the NZ taxpayer was a bottomless pit of money and responsibility for people in other countries and with different languages and different cultures? WHY CAN”T THESE PEOPLE PROVIDE ALL OF THESE THINGS FOR THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? Why can’t they look after their own?

Chinese if I recall had to pay a $500,000 fee if they wanted to settle in NZ. How come islanders can do it for free? And I’m particularly galled by all of this when one of these people was over at Yes Minister a day or so ago threatening to kick people’s doors down and assault them and steal from them if they were not given welfare.

This report should be consigned to the waste bin by Murray McCully and the people who prepared it should be asked to pay back all salaries and expenses they claimed. It is worthless one sided social engineering garbage and its authors have not for one second considered the other side of the coin, the hard working NZ taxpayer who was born in NZ, lives here, looks after his own damn family and asks of nothing from the government, but is leached off by every damn parasitical form of life out there.

Those life forms include the authors of this report, Murray McCully and his staff, and persons even as far away as Kiribati. Where’s the damn report on the plight of the NZ taxpayer struggling to raise his family on what’s left of his wages after McCully and the over stayers and their children and the citizens of Niue, the Cook Islands and Tokelau and Polynesia and Kiribati have helped themselves?

That’s an issue I’d like to see a report on. Soon, we’ll have such a report. It won’t be on paper though. It will be seen in the faces of productive NZers as they suddenly find they’re in danger of losing all they’ve worked for because of mismanagement and incompetence by arrogant leeching bureaucrats, social engineers and politicians who treated them as nothing more than contemptible slaves.

13 thoughts on “Immigration Report- Bureaucrats Care Not One Jot For NZ Taxpayer

  1. I wonder how many people from Pacific Islands are given permanent stay in NZ per year? Is this a fixed amount or does it change from year to year? How do we know these people can even contribute and survive in a modern western society when many of them don’t even have a toilet in the Islands?

    I see absolutely no advantage in any aspect to continue to import Polynesians into this country. Employment obviously isn’t an issue when so many Polynesians (including Maori) aren’t working, then again, a lot of these people just don’t want to work. There was an economic reason to import these people decades ago, since then it’s just turned into another PC liberal policy gone wild.

    I always figured the continued influx of PI people was pure leftist policy to stay in power. Clark sure found them easy to manipulate to get votes. South Auckland was the reason Brash never quite made it to power.


  2. What is it with lefty do-gooders?
    The western world over they want citizen taxpayers to fund/regularise the choices made by illegal immigrants (who’s first act upon entry to the host country is a criminal one).
    Throw them out and let them apply like every one else.


  3. I could have gone a bit further on this by asking what do PIs bring to the table. What do we get for what we spend. I reckon most readers know the answer to that.


  4. …and Len Brown is just a male form of Helen Clark.

    Yeah, and Helen has a deeper voice and larger balls than Len. 🙂


  5. Just to make a further point here- I know there are many PIs who are good citizens. Come here legitimately. Are God fearing, look after their families, work consistently and hard, and don’t ask for anything from the taxpayer. This criticism is not directed at those PI’s.


  6. How the fuck to these people rise to the top of the political food chain ? Here’s an article about UK Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harperson:

    “Yet this is what Ms Harman is suggesting — that immigrants should be encouraged to come to Britain precisely so that they can act as a conduit for British taxpayers’ money to be funnelled to Africa and other Third World countries.”


  7. My beef is why we have to have passports to NZ edpendencies like the Cooks and Niue. They both NZ citizens and use NZ currency. Americans don’t need a passport to go to Hawaii. We’ve really been conned over this.


  8. “How the fuck to these people rise to the top of the political food chain ?”

    Staggering ain’t it?

    I guess one reason is that they never tell the truth about who they really are.


  9. Looking at the big picture, this is just another means by which Western nations are to be systematically bankrupted – where our money is to be transferred to “less fortunate” nations. Of course this falls under our multi-cultural responsibities.

    Whether it’s Multi-Culturalism, Anthropogenic Global Warming, or the next manufactured crisis; Bio-Diversity (coming soon) – the Judeo-Christian West must foot the bill.

    Those driving this madness must be removed from the halls of power and from the bureaucracies which support it.


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