Nick Smith Has Got To Go

Helen Klark was a devotee of the United Nations. She governed NZ in accordance with the global governance view the UN advocates. When she left NZ, there was of course a big fat job waiting for her at the UN, with a big fat salary and a big fat office. This was after she had authorised the spending of millions of dollars of NZ taxpayer’s money on UN initiatives. Klark is gone now, thank God. Taking over as Chief of the UN cheer squad is the obsequious little “blue green” Nat Nick Smith. No doubt with his eye too on a UN job with all the fat stuff when the NZ electorate finally awakens to what a little sellout turd he is, and boots him out of office. Read what this arrogant little propagandist said in response to Adrian Macey, NZ Climate Change Ambassador (vomit) being appointed as Chair of the Kyoto Protocol.

“This appointment reaffirms the respect in which New Zealand is held in the international climate change negotiations as well as being a personal tribute to Adrian Macey and his work as New Zealand’s Climate Change Ambassador between 2006 and 2010,”

Who cares about damn respect from a gang of thugs, cronyists, dictators and totalitarians. How much is it costing me to buy the “respect” of people I mostly despise?

“New Zealand’s position as a developed country that is honouring its Kyoto obligations, has implemented the first ETS outside Europe, has initiated the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, and which has one of the highest proportions of renewable energy, places us in a strong position to provide leadership in the international climate change negotiations.

Its all lies. The idea, and this has been admitted by so many of the drivers of the scheme, is wealth redistribution. There is no man made climate change crisis. Smith is flapping his mouth as loud and fast as he can to try and cover up for the fact that he has drawn NZ into a failed and costly scheme that is going to be an immense drain on NZ’s economic resources at a time when we can least afford it. The real crisis Smith you sycophantic little weasel is in NZ’s economic condition. We just cannot afford this idiocy.

National have failed as an alternative government to Labour. They have done nothing but take us further down the socialist road and now we are bogged down in this farcical global wealth redistribution scheme. We need a third party to strip National of their mandate to tie us into these kind of foolish cronyist UN scenarios. If such a third party should arise, it must refuse to be part of any government that has this damn fool Smith in its cabinet.

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  1. @scumsucker

    Yes, well, just don’t forget to tick for MMP in the polling box. Its not a mater of how we feel about Winston or alternative ideologies, the electorate has to think beyond ideologies and punish the Nat/Lab coalition. They are well aware of this possibilty and are trying to banish MMP and the power of the alternative vote. The whole strategy for reviving the EFB. I mean, I’m a politically illiterate person compared to many and even I can see through them. Betrayal is never subtle.


  2. Yep, Helen Clark is truly at home in her high position at the UN. She always did love giving other people’s money away.

    One of the common arguments I see from liberals is that “we need to look good internationally”. This is obviously bullshit. Really, who gives a shit what NZ does outside the pacific?


  3. Key and Smith must be big winners on this dirty ETS business, which they oppose before the elctions. Who is getting rich here?


  4. Do NOT tick for MMP. Unless, of course you enjoy the NZ taxpayer being held to ransom, bled dry and treated with contempt by a tiny minority racist party.


  5. It’s summer in Antarctica but when it suits the MSM it can occassionally be cold down there .
    Korean trawler sinks in “freezing” seas. WTF? I thought it was warming up down there.

    On a serious note tho RIP to the sailors.


  6. If MMP is so bad why is the govt trying to get rid of it for FFP

    The govt never, ever sides with the elecorate. so they won’t be where MMP is concerned. As I said Red, these blogs are being infiltrated.


    Sposed to be a drought in the Waikato because of global warming no doubt. Been raining for 2 days. Heavier at night. Farmers must be over joyed. Meanwhile, the media remains silent.


  7. “we need to look good internationally”.

    Is that why Liarbour shave their mou’s.

    And I’m not sure if any Nats have any either.


  8. “If MMP is so bad why is the govt trying to get rid of it for FFP ”
    They’re not–it’s all window-dressing. Just as the smacking referendum was. Key is perfectly happy, there in bed with the separatist party.
    MMP allows the major parties to do slimy backroom deals with a tiny minority (maori and the greens) in order to stay in power. Effectively, minority fuckwits are steering policy.


  9. Yep , MMP has got to go as others have said. IMHO the rot set in when MMP became our method of election – not that it was the only reason, but it allowed certain individuals/minorities a disproportionately BIG voice compared to their actual numbers in Parliament – eg the Greens and the Maori Party. And I also disagree with the whole idea of “list candidates”, where the party, NOT the electorate, determines who is on the list and at what position – how undemocratic.

    While there may be better systems than FPP, MMP is NOT one of them – it has to go!


  10. Its all lies. The idea, and this has been admitted by so many of the drivers of the scheme, is wealth redistribution. There is no man made climate change crisis.

    Indeed, Red.
    I think even most five year olds with merely average intelligence can see through this whole scam, and that those who are still flogging the dead horse of Anthropogenic Global Warming are driving it for political and/or personal gain reasons – NOT for any genuine concern over some imaginary climate related global catastrophe which may befall us.

    As has been said, this is about “wealth redistribution” from first world nations to emerging and third world nations. But even that isn’t the full story – there is no real concern for those “less fortunate” nations. What is REALLY the prime mover is the establishing of a socialist One World Government where any perceived opposition is taxed to death via global ETS type schemes. That First world nations will suffer most under this type of evil regime is because this is where the greatest opposition to global governance is likely to come from.

    It’s a brave new world …


  11. No matter the system of voting, the ETS is going to impoverish this country. FPP is going to give National its historical advantage back. The Nat/Lab coalition will never give us a constitution. And if we/when we become a Republic, which necessitates a constitution, the draft will be akin to a comic book.

    Analogy of the day for me “You can protect yourself but you can’t have firearms which is equal to you can have religion but you can’t have places of worship”



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