NZ’s Most Successful Blogger

I’ve been a fan of Trevor Loudon since he kicked off and its great to see him getting his dues today. Trevor achieved the 2 million hit mark yesterday on his blog New Zeal. It took him 5 years to get his first million, and only about 5 months to get his second as his fame in the US grows exponentially. He’s frequently mentioned by Glenn Beck. New Zeal is now rated by Technorati as one of the top 100 U.S. political blogs. As Trevor says-

“Today New Zeal is mostly U.S. focused, because unfortunately, the leading nation of the free world is now in the front line of the War on Socialism.”

Damn right. There’s not much of a war elsewhere. NZ lay down and surrendered a few decades ago.

Trevor also says- “Its a great challenge. This blog has taken me to 16 U.S. states and made me some of the best friends a man could hope for. You know who you are. I hope I have contributed in some small way to the flowering of freedom that is now sweeping the U.S.”

You sure have done that Trevor, especially by keeping the cross hairs on Obama and his communist connections, and many of us are forever grateful for your outstanding efforts. Congratulations and may you go on to even greater things in the New Year.

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8 thoughts on “NZ’s Most Successful Blogger

  1. Full marks to the man. I first learned of him, and his good work, through Investigate magazine about a year ago. Also great to see this blog on the scene now too. Keep it up, someone has to


  2. Good so I found it almost straight after it started…

    I would have hated to have missed such good old fashioned (and accurate) leftie bashing..!


  3. Trev is a national treasure and a tireless friend of Liberty and Freedom. I can’t reccomend his blog highly enough.


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