Objective Analysis Shows Sarah Palin More Than Electable

One thing about the 2012 Presidential poll is the number of real Conservatives who are on offer on the Republican side. This pleases me, and is a welcome change from the group of RINOs that presented for the 2008 election. McCain won the preselection process but was a hopeless RINO. I try to keep his military career in mind, but somehow I just cannot prevent my contempt for McCain’s chameleon style becoming the predominant feeling. The one good thing to come from McCain’s campaign was Sarah Palin. Despite the left’s declared intent to stop her, made the very instant of her opening speech at the Republican convention, she has remained strong and is now the predominant Conservative politician in America.

The left of course are intensifying their efforts to stop Palin. This alone should be enough to awaken Conservatives to who is going to be the most effective force against the left. If they fear her the most, she has to be the most suitable for election.

One factor I think is very important is that the right have to stop putting up a candidate that the mainstream media selects. They selected McCain. In fact one of the main reasons I support Sarah Palin is because the mainstream media are so focused on ensuring she fails. Huckabee or Romney are the media’s favourites. That makes them to me un-selectable. I want the mainstream media to fail as much as I want Palin to win. I despise that group of cowards, charlatans, liars and frauds so much.

The strategy the left and Palin’s enemies within the Republican Party have chosen to weaken her run is to portray her as “unelectable”. Unfortunately, this is a narrative that is self fulfilling. Many people who might otherwise support Palin are seduced into writing her off on the basis of this claim. Its not true.

Recent polling shows that there is a serious surge in support for Obama if he is opposed by Palin. Many pro-Palin people must begin to waver in the face of such supposedly definitive information. However its inaccurate and wrong, its a lie, and its just more of the same old propaganda from the partisan political agents in the media and Palin’s enemies elsewhere. The figures are wrong because the comparison is not accurately made. A commenter on Free Republic, (Brices Crossroads) does an excellent job of dissecting the left’s misinformation and bringing the truth to the fore-

Notice how the MSM outlets always focus on generic national polls, using 2008 turnout models, ignoring the 2010 elections. By responding to these polls as some do, we are making a classic mistake that no good lawyer or advocate ever makes: We are letting the opponent frame the issue and accepting their premise. The election is not a national election, based on a generic plebiscite. It is 50 separate state elections.

The Establishment and its MSM pipe organ never want to talk about the real key to electability….the Electoral College, because it does not fit their chosen meme of Palin’s unelectability. Instead, an analysis of the Electoral College, which is the true measure of electability not only shows that Palin is electable, but that it is Obama whose hold on the presidency that is becoming increasingly precarious.

The electoral map is now tilting heavily in her direction, with the South solidly in her corner and the Midwest (especially Ohio and Wisconsin) trending heavily away from Obama and toward her. If she holds the McCain states (which is a given) and adds just six more (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Indiana, and Virginia)—traditional red states, in each of which Obama’s poll numbers are in the tank– she wins the Presidency with 271 electoral votes.

I do not even include formerly blue states that went deep red such as Wisconsin (Tea Party Senator), New Mexico (Mama Grizzly/Tea Party Governor) and New Hampshire (Mama Grizzly wins Senate 60-40 over Dem Congressman). Obama will be hard pressed in all three, especially Wisconsin.

We all need to block out the Charlie Cooks and the other proponents of the MSM agitprop that Palin cannot win. They are out to demoralize us and their generic poll numbers, two years out, do not change the electoral college math, which favors Palin. We need to stop allowing the lamestream media to define “electability” in such a way that it suits their purposes.

This guy gets it. I know there are many Conservatives out there who favour other candidates over Palin, and that is fair enough. I’m open to many candidates myself. The main objective is to select a winner. Obama must be crushed. Whoever the selected candidate is, they must be able to develop the momentum to go on and defeat Obama. If you decide against Palin, fine, but do not let the left’s propaganda that she is “unelectable” be a factor in making that decision. Its the usual cowardly lie.

Brices Crossroads post.

3 thoughts on “Objective Analysis Shows Sarah Palin More Than Electable

  1. The power of media indoctrination is massive. I work with supposedly intelligent people (they managed to get in a highly competative uni degree and have post graduate degrees) and I’m stunned at times as to how they blithly accept the media’s spin. The ones that annoy me the most are ‘Palin is stupid’, ‘Bush is stupid’ and ‘Obama’s the brightest in the room’. Quite clearly, to anyone who has looked at the facts, none of it is true……..we aren’t even allowed to see Obama’s Uni results!

    Huckabee and Romney are so uninspiring. At the very least, Palin has charisma and a mind of her own.


  2. “The power of media indoctrination is massive. ”

    The failure of journalists to do their job objectively is the story behind the ascension of socialism. I am writing a piece right now on how most of the blame for this dereliction of duty can be sheeted home to journalism tutors in universities. They are the source of most of the poison that has infected the craft. Traditional journalists would make mincemeat of the lame propagandists who profess to represent the trade today.

    You’re right in your other point too. Why are so many (supposedly intelligent) people so lamely accepting of the media’s blatant propaganda? Baffling.


  3. I can think of at least six Republicans candidates I’d prefer over Palin, the problem however is they are either too old, too young or don’t have enough experience (Tea Party first termers)…

    It is more likely to be a RINO, probably Romney or that beltway insider from Mississippi whose name escapes me at the moment or similar… Anything could happen, I’m hopeful for someone with a Tea Partier mindset…

    The bottom line is if Obama wins again it the end of the USA as we know it, it’ll be just another Western welfare state…


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