Helen Clark- Historically Extreme Left

Breitbart reports- A former New Zealand government courted China and France in an attempt to curb American and Australian influence in the Pacific, according to a leaked diplomatic cable published here Saturday. New Zealand is also said to have formulated its anti-nuclear legislation, which caused a deep rift with Washington, because of a desire to trim its defence budget as well as for publicly stated ideological reasons. The cable said New Zealand’s Labour Party government led by Helen Clark flirted with China and France in the early 2000s “to curtail US and Australian influence in the region,” it said.

This is not news to anyone who knew where Clark came from and what she really was. A hard leftist. Who, as they all do, posed as a centrist and was enthusiastically aided and abetted in this deception by a fawning and politically partisan mainstream media.

When Clark won government in 1999, she and key colleagues are reported to have gathered at the Parliament House piano to celebrate by singing the Communist anthem- “Keep The Red Flag Flying”. Helen Clark represented the Labour Party at congresses of the Socialist International and the Socialist International Women in 1976, 1978, 1983, and 1986, at an Asia-Pacific Socialist Organisation Conference held in Sydney in 1981, and at the Socialist International Party Leaders’ Meeting in Sydney in 1991. She served in senior committee positions and was the group’s Information Officer for some years.

For US readers, Clark’s ascension to PM in NZ would be like having the leader of the Progressive Caucus in US politics as President.

Upon her election, NZ journalist Bernard Moran wrote an article dealing with Clark’s history in the far left of the Labour Party. A blast from the past, it makes extremely interesting reading given recent developments. Full credit too to Mr. Moran for some accurate predictions. (Where is he today I wonder) Here are some excerpts from that 1999 article.

Like many of her contemporaries, Prime Minister Helen Clark was active in anti-Vietnam protests. In 1984, she was the pivotal influence in ensuring that United States warships were banned from New Zealand waters and the enactment of anti-nuclear legislation.

When Filipino Intelligence officers raided an underground safe house in Manila on the night of March 24, 1988, they not only captured leading hard liners of the Communist Party of the Philippines New Peoples’ Army, but also 97 computer discs.
I have in my possession a photocopy of a three-page document from one of those discs. It is headed ‘Workshop 1: Party to Party Relations, June 13, 1986’. It deals with overseas work and those who are in consultation with the International Department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On page three, line eight, Helen Clark is listed as the ‘individual link’ for New Zealand.

A key player likely to drive the social agenda is Margaret Wilson, Dean of the Law School at Waikato University, tipped to be appointed as Attorney General and Minister of Treaty Settlements (Waitangi Treaty). A former Labour Party President in 1986-87, Margaret Wilson has strong feminist credentials, is an accomplished networker and ‘insider’ of the powerful Labour Policy Council. In 1986, she was a patron of the Labour Party Nicaragua Support Committee and in July of that year accompanied by Helen Clark, visited Nicaragua en route to the Socialist International meeting in Peru.

Margaret Wilson went to the Soviet Union in January 1987, with Fran Wilde, Labour Party Secretary, Tony Timms and party functionary Alison Timms. The NZ Herald (January 28) reported on her 10-day visit and comments to a Soviet interpreter ‘stressing the importance of direct public contacts, especially since the middle classes in New Zealand lack objective information and are heavily indoctrinated.’

Peace issues featured on her agenda, she told one group, ‘We are hoping we will be re-elected as a government and we can develop programs for peace.’ She said the Labour Government would retain its Western ties, but added: ‘We are trying to establish a more independent position. We know that this doesn’t always meet the approval of the United States. ‘

The complete article fully exposes Clark’s hard left Progressive agenda. Its still on the net, and you can read it here.

8 thoughts on “Helen Clark- Historically Extreme Left

  1. One of the things that has disappointed me most about the Nats has been there handling of Defence…

    On day 1 of John Key’s PM-ship we should have announced we were seeking a formal alliance again with Aus and the US, would be allowing Nuclear equipped ships into our ports and we would be buying a squadron of F-16 of them, platoon of M1A1’s and a USS frigate (if they’d let us have them)…


  2. To be fair, Jeremy, NZ can probably no longer afford a credible defence force. Whether or not one is needed is another question.


  3. “Whether or not one is needed is another question.”

    And that’s a very interesting question that one could respond to by asking another question- After three or four decades of rampant Progressivism, is there anything left to defend?


  4. @KG, of course we can, we are spending about 37% of our GDP via our government, when the essential spending on the Courts, Police, Prisons and Armed Forces runs at about 5%… Only fund these functions and a very small safety net for the truly in need and cut taxes, regulation and local government massively, and the resulting economic growth will mean maintaining that 5% of GDP allows more and better spending on the essential functions of government…

    Whether the country is worth defending goes hand in hand with this change, when force is reduced and self reliance and personal responsibility is increased, the nation is automatically more moral and morally worth defending… The link is government spending and involvement in our lives…


  5. So glad the Clark regime has been put to an end, at least she’s out of the country. But what really pisses me off is that her legacy lives on through gutless National party socialists.


  6. “But what really pisses me off is that her legacy lives on through gutless National party socialists.”

    We don’t get angry enough with their damn incompetence and ideological bankruptcy.


  7. You EXPECT Labourites to be scum.
    You EXPECT them to be addicted to other people’s money, to chuck other people’s money at their pet projects.
    You EXPCET them to love big, dumb usless Goverment.
    You EXPCETthem to piss on our traditional allies (and tradition full stop) and cuddle up to tyrrany.
    you EXPECT them to denigrate our Police and Armed services.
    You EXPECT them to be haughty and arrogant.

    What I don’t expect is National to act like the above.


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