Craft of Journalism Corrupted By Politically Partisan University Tutors

Joanne Nova is well known in Australia as a scientist and science TV commentator. She received a Bachelor of Science first class and won the FH Faulding and the Swan Brewery prizes at the University of Western Australia. Her major was microbiology, molecular biology. She received a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Communication from the Australian National University in 1989, and she did honours research in 1990, investigating DNA markers for use in muscular dystrophy trials. For three years Nova was an Associate Lecturer of Science Communication at Australian National University. For four years, Nova jointly co-ordinated the Shell Questacon Science Circus, which operates all over Australia and is claimed to be the world’s largest science education outreach program

Why did I need to tell you all that about Joanne?

Because she is a Climate Change Skeptic, and as the first move the left make against anybody of that club is to attack their qualifications, abilities, name and reputation, we have to make these things known previous to any statement. The left will never accept an argument on its merits. Being the predators they so often are, they naturally attack and dissect the person making the argument. Destroy their integrity. In Joanne’s case, its pretty difficult for them to do this.

Why am I writing about Joanne right now?

Because she’s written a great article in The Australian that hits the nail right on the head in respect of one of today’s biggest social problems, that being the abject failure of the mainstream media to tell the truth or protect the fragile entity that is democracy. Traditional journalism has been destroyed purposefully by university tutors who have put their political beliefs before their duty to their craft and their students.

Personally, I think its a deliberate strategy by the global left to fill university journalism classes with agents for Progressivism, but I’ve no proof of this other than the fact that so many of them are left wing, and their students are almost all left wing. ( New Zeal has addressed this issue, I remember discussing it there with admitted Marxist tutors a few years ago) These politically partisan lecturers fill gullible and malleable student’s heads with leftist rubbish and send them out into the world to write vacuous socialist propaganda.

Nowhere has the corruption of journalists been more evident in recent times than in their collective and abject failure to even try and bring us the truth on climate change. A high profile journalism Professor in Australia, David McKnight recently wote a scathing criticism of the minority of journalists who are skeptical of climate change. Joanne has written a rebuttal, and it is right on the button. Some excerpts-

DAVID McKnight’s criticism of The Australian over climate change (“Sceptical writers skipped inconvenient truths”, Inquirer, December 11) makes for a good case study of Australian universities’ intellectual collapse. Here’s a University of NSW senior research fellow in journalism who contradicts himself, fails by his own reasoning, does little research, breaks at least three laws of logic, and rests his entire argument on an assumption for which he provides no evidence.

[..] If our journalism lecturers are feeding students with ideas of leadership roles, how decrepit is the institution where students are not even taught that the highest aim of a journalist is to ask the most penetrating questions and leave no stone unturned, so the people they serve might have the best information?

[..] Such is the modern delusion of the activist-journo: McKnight wants to be the leader, to dictate what the public can think and to direct where public spending goes, but he doesn’t want to bother running for office or to expose his claim to open debate. He’s nothing more than a totalitarian in disguise.

She is so damn right. Journalists today are not our protectors, they are agents for big government and statism. They have discarded the traditional mores of journalism and replaced them with a deceitful weak and disgusting obeisance to the Progressive state. They work hand in glove with leftist politicians. The trade is thus utterly discredited, and will remain so until our Universities are returned to places of education rather than indoctrination. This won’t happen while Progressives remain in control of journalism schools. We badly need to get them out of our lives at every level, but more importantly, out of universities and out of our children’s lives. Until we do that, truth and journalism will remain totally separate concepts.

Joanne’s article is here.

Her blog is here.

Hat tip to KG from Crusader Rabbit.

6 thoughts on “Craft of Journalism Corrupted By Politically Partisan University Tutors

  1. Good rebuttal. I have added her blog to my bookmarks.

    Sceptic begins with sc-, the spelling skeptic is American. Their pronunciation and spelling irritates the shit out of me and I just don’t see why we are copying them (even ‘though I like them).


  2. The indoctrination of leftist ideologies at universities is done in departments/faculties that don’t belong there, such as Journalism, Education, Sociology, Politics and most Humanities Departments. I don’t know why they’re being established, since they’re useless. They don’t contribute to societies apart from becoming politicians and make laws to do members of the society over.


  3. “I don’t know why they’re being established, since they’re useless.”

    Useless to most working/ productive people, but very useful if you’re a leftist social engineer.


  4. Is there a chance to establish a stand alone journalism school in NZ based on the principle of the search for veritas..?


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