Key Must Rein In Waitangi Tribunal

The Taranaki Daily Times reports- Maori interests are being left out of decisions on development and use of New Zealand’s petroleum resources, claims a landmark Waitangi Tribunal decision released today. The decision, which follows hearings in April and May, recommends a review of both the Crown Minerals Act and the Resource Management Act. The claimants are Ngaruahine and Ngati Kahungunu who are not opposed to development but claim that when decisions are made about exploring or mining sites that are sacred or very important to them, their interests are not being properly considered or protected.

The Ngaruahine and Ngati Kahungunu are New Zealand citizens. They are represented by the crown. The same as you or I, and the crown represents our interests in any petroleum development scenario. As the article says in the ongoing paragraph-

The use of petroleum is governed by the Crown Minerals Act control and the Resource Management Act which grant permits for prospecting, exploration, and mining.

The Waitangi Tribunal though for reasons unspecified, considers that this is not good enough, and once again asks for special treatment based on race. Insisting that the terms of the Crown’s management of Petroleum exploration does not address Maori “issues” which for some reason must be acknowledged as being more important than every other NZer’s “issues”.

The Tribunal finds the whole regime fall short of what the Treaty requires today and although it provides for consultation, and councils are trying, Maori lack the infrastructure and resources to participate effectively. It also recommends a ministerial advisory committee be set up to provide Maori input to central government decisions about petroleum and Regional and district iwi committees be installed to do the same at the local government level.

Anyone finding anything in the Treaty that grants Maori special treatment in respect of Petroleum exploration I’d be grateful if they could post it here. The Waitiangi Tribunal has already been denounced as a fraud by many prominent NZers, and this report is just more evidence that the Tribunal is just a bunch of self serving goons and racists bent on dreaming up anyway possible to leach off and intrude upon private sector development and industry. It is acting as a separate and independent government. Its findings are baseless and worthless, it costs the country billions, and it is constructing a racial divide that will have consequences for generations to come.

John Key and the Nationals need to junk this report and bring the TOW Tribunal to heel. It should in fact have never been brought into existence. An example of Pandora’s box if ever there was one. Let’s get on with building a modern unified productive and prosperous country. We’ll never do it as long as the TOW Tribunal sits whining and whinging and dreaming up past historical grievances and looting the nation’s treasury, and acting as a quasi-separatist government. The Commission we do need right now is the one that looks into how this millstone around the neck of NZ can be done away with. The sooner the better.

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6 thoughts on “Key Must Rein In Waitangi Tribunal

  1. This follows on from their desire to have a piece of the ‘water pie’ by having iwi committees to sit on regional councils as standing committees to ‘manage’ water resources .
    It came close this year with Finlayson almost pulling it off in one area but some resistance has held it up.


  2. Thank God for oil companies, the amount of dry wells they drill (at millions a well offshore) and the usual 10+ years from discovery and production, we’d be boned without them…

    So when my tribe Ngati Porou and the others can, find a field, develop a field and put up the money (or part of it) for 10+ years time period then they can have a slice but in this world you don’t get money for free (or won’t for long) without producing…


  3. Over the years many companies have prospected for oil on our property. You can of course tell them to fuck off, not that it will do you any good. It’s usually much more productive to go with the flow, if you know what I mean. Maori already hold a strong hand when it comes to the oil companies, it’s a lot easier picking on private land holders then taking on the Iwi in this PC world. Key is dicing with death if he grants Maori extra rights when it comes to land use and ultimately royalties, there will be fucking revolution. It seems if you a favoured colour in this country you will be granted greater property rights then those of us that have to live under the rod of the socialist state. The government can’t and won’t have it both ways.


  4. “but in this world you don’t get money for free (or won’t for long) without producing…”

    Geeze Jeremy(Ngati Porou) . You’re obviously not living in the same world I am.
    Murri have been doing all that for a bloody long time.
    Guess you could call dancing about waving a stick while your buttocks hang out as producing. Its just most of us haven’t worked out why we have to pay you coons for indecent exposure while embarrassing the nation on the world stage.


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