Sarah Palin Rebuts Jared Loughner Association Allegations

Note later post- “Revelations” on Sarah Palin in Joe McGinnis Book Picked Up By Mainstream Media- Glen Rice allegation

No doubt you have read the Progressive media’s take on Sarah Palin’s recent speech reacting to allegations she was responsible for the actions of a psychotic loner with a years long grudge against his Blue Dog Democrat representative. She was “injecting herself into the debate”, (yeah, they really claimed that) or it had “ended any chance she may ever had have of becoming President”, or from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who went so far as to opine it had “ended her political career”.

All the same old deconstructive garbage that is the stuff of Progressives/Communists. They’re just following the pattern they were introduced to in university. They subject Palin to criticism, and attempt to pull her down, but notice how they never apply the same standards to any other politicians, and notice how they never suggest any more “appropriate” candidate? Its the same standardized strategy employed by the left the world over.

The truth is the speech was a big positive for Palin. A new poll published by Media Curves has found that Americans are seeing the former Alaska governor as more likeable, sincere, and believable after watching her speech. Respondents were asked to rate Sarah Palin on a scale from 1-7 regarding likeability, believability and sincerity.

Newsbusters reports- With the exception of likeability among Democrats, Palin’s attribute ratings increased among all parties after viewing her speech. The most notable increase was her sincerity ratings, which increased from 2.62 to 2.69 among Democrats, from 5.25 to 5.45 among Republicans and from 3.68 to 3.85 among Independents.

The poll also found an increase in the number of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents that see her as a positive figure in the United States after viewing the speech-

-40 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of Republicans, and 56 percent of Independents feeling the speech helped her image

-37 percent of Democrats, 78 percent of Republicans, and 54 percent of Independents feeling the speech helped her potential run for president.

So once again, the facts show the appallingly biased left wing media pundits to be wrong. Yet we know the attacks on Palin won’t stop. There are two points I’d like to make here-

1) There are a number of candidates for the upcoming 2012 election. When the Democrat machine decided to use the Arizona shootings as a political weapon, they didn’t go after Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Guliiani or even Haley Barbour. They went after the “quitter”. They went after the one who is light years behind Obama in “electability”. They went after someone who is “inexperienced” and lacks “gravitas”.

So why do the Democrats continue to focus on the “unelectable” Palin? I’ll tell you. Because Sarah Palin is the face of the American Revolution. She represents the silent majority, or as Katey Couric called them, “the great unwashed”, or as Obama called them, the yokels who “cling to their religion and their guns”. She represents the the productive sector not the welfare sector. She is the biggest threat ever to the established Washington political elite and their mantra of political correctness. Her single facebook page carries more political and news cycle impact than the entire White House Press corp.

She is the top Republican fund raiser. The Republican National Committee is $20 million in debt while Palin’s coffers are bulging. So there is my second point.

2) When did you last hear one long term Republican official say a word in defense of Sarah Palin? Sure, the odd Republican has spoken out, but even last week, when the attacks reached a level of cowardice and untruth remarkable even for what we expect from the left today, the Republican party remained officially mute.

Like too many parties on the so called right, the Republicans have an incredibly bad habit of allowing the left media to set the agenda for them. So they don’t get the support (or the money) that Palin does, because she is not afraid to make the media part of her offensive against the left.

The RNC elected a new leader. Michael Steele has been replaced by Reince Priebus. His backers claim he is a Tea Party Conservative. I’m skeptical, but prepared to give the guy a chance. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes on Sarah Palin. Will he try to draw her into the party, or will she continue to be an outsider? Whatever decision he makes will have considerable impact upon the Republican Party’s finances.

For myself, the Republicans blew it long ago. I don’t trust them. I don’t like them, and if I was making any political contributions, I wouldn’t give them a dime. If the Republicans really want to improve their finances, they better decide whether Palin is in or out, and they better do it damn quick. And if they go on dancing to leftmedia’s tune, they’re finished as a political organisation.

Obama already has about a billion in the bank, the whole of the world’s media in his pocket, and millions of thug supporters from the White House to the back streets of Chicago ready to do what ever is necessary to get him re-elected. Its no time for Republican indecision over the one person Obama and the Democrats and the left everywhere obviously fear more than death.

Newsbusters Poll.

17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Rebuts Jared Loughner Association Allegations

  1. The more the liberals despise her, the more I like her and the more I want to see her elected. The closer she gets to being elected, the more we’ll see predictions of Armageddon and End Days from atheists who will be indistinguishable from a bible thumping fundamentalist preaching the book of Revelations.

    Every single bill that was passed by socialist governments over the last 30 years always came with a smirk of “well, did the world end?” as if the right were thinking it’s the end of the world, rather than a step towards authoritarianism and the end of freedom – a story not unfamiliar to citizens of Russia, the Eastern States, Poland, Germany, Cambodia, most of Africa, South America at various times, Korea, China, the middle east, etc.

    It’s not Sarah Palin that is going to end our world, but the bigger issues the Liberals are running from. The changing economies of the world. Nuclear powered Fundamentalist Islamic States such as Pakistan and Iran, an irrational nuclear powered North Korea. Obama thinks fiddling around with health care and sitting back and giving potential enemies time to develop the capability and attitude to become actual enemies displays the kind of gravitas expected of a President. Time is one of the few weapons we have to put pressure on the nutjobs. Squandering it on petty politics is foolish.

    Of course, a Democrat might argue that hindsight is everything. This is because they are looking out of their asses.


  2. What would have been interesting is a test to see how much the vile MSM campaign against Palin has succeeded. The test could theoretically go along the standard focus-group lines: get 2 people (Palin and someone less maligned, such as West or even a high-level Democrat) to deliver the speech to a group of people. Compare the survey results and that will tell you how much influence the MSM lies about Palin factor into the way people react to what she says.


  3. “The more the liberals despise her, the more I like her and the more I want to see her elected. ”

    Yep, I feel exactly the same. I think a lot of people do. The more the left smear and denigrate her, the more determined it makes her supporters. Enough backlash, and she can win.


  4. I have to say I am stunned. Sarah Palin has more financial support than the entire GOP. That’s a direct indictment of the bush administration. Bush nearly scuttled his own party. Though even the MSN is saying the two mainstream parties are barely indistinguishable. Until today I have never taken Palin as a serious candidate. I still don’t know what she really stands for precisely except gun rights. I am sure Gays are happy they have been ratified more before Palin could intervene. I do believe consenting adults should be free of political pressure. She probably won’t bring home the troops (please correct me) either when military spending needs to be cut in the bud. Even over domestic issues. The entire US foreign policy needs to be slashed. There’s simply no need for 90% of it and I’m being generous. 90% of it is for bankers anyway. And I see anothe whistle blower has emerged from the Swiss banks. More juicy revelations and serious vindication of Julian Assange as a sole security risk. Which of course he isn’t at all. Palin has got that really badly and immaturely wrong.


  5. ZenTiger 14:14,

    The closer she gets to being elected, the more we’ll see predictions of Armageddon and End Days from atheists who will be indistinguishable from a bible thumping fundamentalist preaching the book of Revelations.

    Careful there, Zen – I consider myself a “bible thumping fundamentalist” who occassionally preaches from “the book of Revelations [sic]”.

    I think the rise of the Marxist Left, its dominance within Western society, and that many of the unthinking masses have bought into Marxist ideology and values [sic] is fairly well described in Revelation, and other prophetic books within the Bible.
    Just sayin’.


  6. “I still don’t know what she really stands for precisely except gun rights.”
    Does the phrase “wilful ignorance” ring a bell, Wiki? It should.


  7. KG 15:46,

    Great comment, Zen.

    While most of Zen’s comment was “great”, Zen is Roman Catholic (correct me if I’m wrong) and therefore does not include himself in the “bible thumping fundamentalist” category by definition.

    My main beef is that using such terminology paints Conservative Bible-believing Christians (including Sarah Palin) in a poor light – it’s typical Leftist jargon used to denigrate Conservative Christianity. Which really is the WHOLE point that Red is making in this thread: The methods the Left use to denigrade Sarah Palin (and those like her by extension).


  8. Ah well, Kris, I try to steer clear of that kind of debate since I know next to nothing about the subject. I’d just be making a fool of myself to one side or the other.


  9. Hi Kris, no offence intended. It was more that I was trying to paint the picture that the stereotype the liberals paint of Palin’s supporters (which actually include a range of people) would actually be more applicable to them should Palin be elected.

    Also, I’m a relatively new convert to Catholicism, spending most of my previous life as a cross between a godless heathen and agnostic. This shameful background enables me to easily annoy even my fellow Roman Catholics as my ignorance is a vast as I need my faith to be.


  10. I should have bolded “stereotype”. My boss’s manager is an Evangelical Christian, and a bloody nice guy. We’ve had a couple of great debates and conversations. (If you ain’t learning, you are probably dead).


  11. Yeah, I actually find Christians to be streets ahead of Progressives in the nice guy stakes. Leftist atheists are almost all such smug arrogant patronising types.


  12. Thanks for clearing that up, Zen.
    If I came across a bit harsh it wasn’t my intention.

    [Sometimes I have the odd run-in with Lucia Maria and Fletch over doctrinal issues. Can get heated but we usually remain polite. No doubt you’ve seen some of them over on the blog you share with them]

    I just think we need to be so careful in the language we choose to use, and epecially that we don’t [appear] to use the same methods and terminolgy the Left do.

    PS I’ve been a Christian (I describe myself as “Bible believing” rather than “evangelical” when pinned down) for just over thirty years. If you have any biblical/doctrinal queries drag me over to your blog and I’ll be more than happy to answer/debate them with you.

    … and yes, I’m still learning too.


  13. KG,

    wilful ignorance..please. Bad joke.

    No party is run by a person. If she actually gets elected she’s run by Wall St like every president. No politician runs a country.


  14. A joke? You say you don’t know what Palin stands for apart from gun rights, despite the huge amount of publicity her stated beliefs concerning small government, lower taxes and Constitutional fidelity have received.
    No , the “wilful ignorance” jibe wasn’t a joke.
    And where did I claim that any party is “run by a person”? Take that straw man and shove it where it fits.


  15. Leftist atheists are almost all such smug arrogant patronising types.

    Crikey, half of them must be at Massey Uni., a veritable den of leftist smugness!

    I found Palin’s speech to be excellent. My wife was listening to it (from behind the PC screen) and was really enthused! She has a sincerity and delivery that the TOTUS just can’t match. No prideful chin in the air at the end of it all either!

    Oh, she is damned popular alright and I think the left have slowly realised the error of their virulent attacks on her over this issue. The ugliness of the MSM’s attacks have really galvanised the right (not Congressional Repubs who are cowardly for their relative silence).

    Nice to see them squirm for once……maybe there is a semblance of a conscience….though probably not.


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