4 thoughts on “General Debate 23/01/11

  1. Gads we are so very close in the way we think RB. I may have been betrayed more than have you, so I am much more skeptical. I hope my reluctance to fall in line with you behind Palin can be reconciled.

    PDS is far too close to BDS not to have a staged appearance. I voted for Bush because the Ministry of Lies arranged the candidates so that he was obviously the best out of a shaky lot. And now we are suffering the consequence of the GOP under Bush having abandoned several key conservative ramparts. Nowhere has that been more devastating than in California because Bush abandoned Simon to Davis in 2002 (when Rove tore up out Reagan’s eleventh commandment).

    I am awaiting to hear — and to SEE — from Palin that she’s reformed her positions, demonstrated while governor and VP candidate, on CAGW, LOST, and McCain and his baggage.

    Let me propose a toast: To us finding a way to see eye-to-eye on the way this has been set up and forcing into the fore a strict recounting.

    And here’s a post that I hope you can endorse, because so far my position stated in an early post has been not received favorably. I fear some are deliberately misunderstanding.


  2. The Muslim Problem

    Photo sub-title:
    The next generation of fundamentalists – children educated at Jamaat ud-Dawa schools express hatred of the West in Karachi, Pakistan.

    You know, we have Americans that don’t believe there is a “Muslim problem.” And we have other Americans that believe that though there is a “Muslim problem” that it is getting better. Well, this article from Family Security Matters is here to tell us all that this problem is getting worse (like anyone who reads Holger Awakens doesn’t already know that).

    I’ve said it time and time again that we have the preview of coming attractions to learn from – namely Europe. The Europeans are scrambling like ants on an anthill that is being threatened by rising waters – it’s probably too late for them now but it’s not too late for America. But if people in this country refuse to recognize the “Muslim problem” then we are destined for the same disaster. [continues]

    Hat tip: Holger Awakens

    A pertinent warning … and not just to the U.S., but New Zealand, Australia, and all other Western nations which haven’t yet (fully) succumbed to the Islamic invasion.


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