NZ Retailers Association- Just Give Robbers What they Want

Well, that is NZ today isn’t it? Once a fiercely independent and self reliant people who were the first in the world to climb its highest mountains and run its fastest miles they’re now a nation of limp believers in the religion of big government, and that religion has apparently reduced many of them to quivering surrender monkeys who hold to the faith that in a lawless and amoral society such as the socialists have made of this country, the Police will always be there to protect them.

Radio NZ reports A group that represents owners of dairies and small liquor stores says shop owners should be allowed to use weapons to defend themselves against violent attacks. A liquor store owner suffered a gunshot wound and received a fractured skull when he was hit by a hammer during an armed robbery in Hamilton on Saturday night, the second armed robbery in the city in two days. The 58-year-old is in a serious but stable condition in Waikato Hospital.

Neil Patel from the Association of Dairy, Grocery and Small Businesses says the police don’t have the resources to offer protection and shop owners should be able to use hockey sticks or even licensed firearms in some circumstances.

But a spokesperson for the Retailers’ Association, Barry Hellberg, says he’d advise against fighting back, and if someone threatens a shopkeeper with a gun it’s better to give him what he wants and call the police afterwards.

Well Mr Hellberg, just what the hell do you think robbers will be encouraged to do when they hear someone like you saying something like that? Its bad enough that the Police constantly sing this stupid refrain. Naturally any cowardly crook who might feel unsure of robbing a shop because of some uncertainty regarding his own health, is going to be encouraged to hear that all he has to do is walk in to a shop with any kind of weapon and he’ll be meekly given everything he wants.

The police are never going to be there. They’re too busy down the road ticketing 65 year old John Citizen for doing 5 kilometres over the speed limit. Or maybe they’re at some damn PC course arranged by Judith Collins learning workplace regulations relating to the cultural safety of Maori and women recruits.

And what training does Barry Hellberg have in self defense? Who is he to be advising anyone of what to do? How about poor Navtej Singh, shot in cold blood by scum who held up his liquor store. He co-operated. He was even holding his hands in the air when they shot him. So passivity is no guarantee of survival.

As for the Police, Navtej Singh’s widow believes police delays hindered her husband’s chances of survival. Harjinder Kaur comforted her fatally wounded husband in their Manurewa store as police cowered outside for 26 minutes, despite 111 staff having been assured the armed robbers had fled.

Shut the hell up Mr. Hellberg. You’re a disgrace. NZers should be permitted firearms as a matter of course and even more so in the kind of lawless society we live in today. Support those brave dairy owners. Of course they should have guns. The Police cannot protect them. They have to have the means to defend themselves and once a few of the same type of cowardly scum such as shot Mr. Singh have suffered a belly full of lead from a pump action shot gun, you’ll find there will be a sudden drop in statistics rating to the armed robbery of dairies.

Pfft, what a sickeningly passive group of people NZers have become. Link to RNZ story.

9 thoughts on “NZ Retailers Association- Just Give Robbers What they Want

  1. If people aren’t given the legal means to defend themselves then they will eventually be forced to take the law into their own hands.

    Better to be charged with “discharging a firearm causing death” than the highly likely possibility of ending up dead yourself. Especially when these scum are often armed with firearms. I believe if such a case went before the courts juries would likely not convict based on sympathising with the dairy owner/victim.


  2. “…fiercely independent and self reliant people who were the first in the world to climb its highest mountains and run its fastest miles…”

    The courage and stamina that permits humans to accomplish such feats is praise worthy. But how much harder is it to recover from a snub and silencing of a right-thinking individual who challenged a Left-winger’s seizing of power in a local setting when the Lefty was little more than a guttersnipe in a suit?

    I’ve been there and done that. Too bad I was so naive and so easily deterred. OTOH, as may be the case with you current PM, the few on the Right who did fight and persevere, there’s no telling where he was led astray, or was coerced, or compromised and extorted, or simply gave into the general drift of societal decay.

    The most effective thing that permits the devil to persevere are the number of people who have misidentified who he is and what he is doing.


  3. I sleep with a loaded 22 under my bed and I will use it if a dirtbag breaks into my house in the dead of night. Its the old story , one shot into the ceiling , one shot into dirtbag. No problemo.


  4. ‘one shot into the ceiling , one shot into dirtbag. No problemo.’

    Try it the other way around!


  5. “Pfft, what a sickeningly passive group of people NZers have become.”
    Yes indeed–and what’s even worse is that juries will toe the gummint line and convict despite what common sense tells them. I doubt if 1 in 10 Kiwis realize they have the right to refuse to convict no matter what the prosecution and the judge say.


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