General Debate 27/01/11

“Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80 per cent of Americans access to high-speed rail”? Good grief, how can even the hackiest of Big Government hacks read that line with a straight face? Or think it has any meaningful contribution to make to the crisis we face? “Within 25 years”? There isn’t going to be a 25 years if the spendaholics don’t stop spending, and then cut it, drastically.

Mark Steyn on Obama’s State of The Union Speech.

3 thoughts on “General Debate 27/01/11

  1. I’ve been gobsmacked at the trite comment from Wanka Farrar and his followers at Kiwiblog over the announcement that Comrade Locke was retiring from parliament at the next erection.

    FFS this evil piece of excrement has tried to betray his country to every totalitarian bastard including Communism and Islam.

    Locke should be tried for treason, but no, Farrar and co. admire his determination and consistency.

    GROW UP!!!


  2. Red, Leighton Smith has dismissed the issue of the birth certificate as conspiracy theory for some time.

    He has just stated on air that new evidence or information is making take the issue more seriously. He says he will probably discuss this later this morning. If you are able to hear him it is worth tuning in. If you cannot pick him up you can listen live online.


  3. Thanks for the tip Chuck. Its funny how so many people sneer on this but I get more hits on BC issues than anything else. Its a real hot issue, and the mainstream media WILL NOT RUN IT.

    Anyway Drudge has broken it now so they’ll have to. Partisan cowards. There is so much injustice and crookedness out there at the hands of leftmedia.


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