Republican Kristi Noem Wins Huffington Post Hottest Freshman Award

The Huffington Post held a vote on the hottest of the 2010 intake of Representatives and just like last time, its been won by a Republican. After 10 thousand votes, the winner was Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Well natch right? Right wing women are always better looking but there is a bonus because they’re always so much politically smarter too.

Kristi is not only hot, and smart, she’s fast. She received 27 traffic citations (including 20 speeding tickets) over 21 years. All fines have been paid and apologies have been made. “Obviously, I’m not proud of my driving record but I been working hard to be a better example to young kids and young drivers out there,” Noem said. Naturally the left have made as much as they can of these offences and have daily slandered Kristi as considering herself above the law, and have even set up a web page to harass her over the issue.

Kristi, 39, lives with her husband, Bryon, and three children, Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker, on a ranch near Castlewood, South Dakota where the family raises Angus cattle and also shows Quarter Horses. Kristi actively farmed with her family for 17 years, owned and operated a hunting operation, and helped manage the family restaurant.

Kristi began her college education at Northern State, later transferring to South Dakota State University and taking classes at Mount Marty in Watertown as well. The unexpected death of her father required Kristi to return to the family ranch full time. In recent years, Kristi has continued to pursue her degree in Political Science by taking classes at SDSU.

From her web page- People in South Dakota live and breathe values such as fiscal responsibility, carefully spending less than we make, and wisely giving our children a future and not a burden of debt to live under because we could not discipline ourselves in tough economic times. Our freedoms and rights are important to us. We protect them because we value them. The federal government should not infringe upon these rights and jeopardize our ability to provide for our families by adding excessive regulation and higher taxes. More government is not the solution to our country’s issues. The ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity of our people will give us the solutions we seek if we will look to them for guidance and give them the freedom to pursue their dreams.

My experiences as a wife, mother, farmer, rancher, small business owner, and South Dakotan have taught me fundamental truths that will ensure I will remain steadfast in my resolve to do the people’s will. I would be proud and honored to represent South Dakota in Congress. It’s time our voice was heard.

What do you reckon the chances of hearing that kind of thing from Maggie Barry might be?

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  1. Mate the gold in that entire article is this:

    “More government is not the solution to our country’s issues. The ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity of our people will give us the solutions we seek if we will look to them for guidance and give them the freedom to pursue their dreams.”

    No politician in New Zealand could ever understand this concept, let alone articulate it. Right across the spectrum, from centre-left to hard-left, New Zealand’s political class believes more, bigger government is the answer to all of society’s ills.


  2. So, if right-wing women are hotter than their left-wing counterpart, then Cactus Kate must be hot? Am I correct here?


  3. “Am I correct here?”

    You got me FF. I should have said “Conservative” rather than “right wing”.



    From 1995-2006, Noem’s family ranch, Racota Valley Ranch, received nearly $3 million in federal farm subsidies. As of 2009, Noem’s stake in the ranch was 16.9 percent. She said her mother and brothers bought her out in 2009. [Argus Leader, 3/4/10]


  5. The horror! Rancher family does what all rancher families do! How about the compensation paid by the Obama Administration to thousands of non-existent black farmers? Will that get equal airtime?


  6. A small government anti entitlement tea party backed pollie has her hand in the pocket of the state, wtf !. Hypocrites, the lot of em.


  7. If there’s ever going to be an example of hypocrisy its the watermelons, those commies who forced farmers to set aside productive land that should have been used for growing food, and subsidised them to grow an idiot ethanol product, and now complain because farmers accepted that subsidy. If they hadn’t, you would have had no means to feel smug and superior every time you pumped fuel with ethanol additive into your snivelling little environmentally damaging and unsafe Prius.


  8. Few things are more attractive than a smart, pretty, hotter-than-a-branding-iron woman who owns firearms and knows how to use them. If I could tolerate prairie winters, I’d move to South Dakota just to vote for her!



  1. Kristi Noem Pics (seeing you asked) | TrueblueNZ

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