FrontPage- Sarah in 2012?

Excellent article. Strips the bigotry of the left naked. I hope you all (pro Palin and anti-Palin) go there and read it. A couple of excerpts-

Evan Sayet has essayed an answer to this provocative enigma. “What is it about her that they hate?” he asks, and replies, “It has to be her life story” which, pace her critics, “could not be more laudable.” And that, of course, is the problem. Everything she represents violates the Democratic left’s agenda and narrative: she is a self-made woman, enjoys a stable marriage with her high school sweetheart, has raised a together family, refused to abort her Down Syndrome child, is equally at home in the wilderness and in the halls of State, was a successful mayor and an effective governor, upholds the Constitution, is a doer and not only a talker, and exemplifies the traditional American virtue of self-reliance. Thus, as Sayet writes, “at every turn, Ms. Palin’s story debunks the myths of victimization and self-centeredness that is at the heart of the Modern Liberal ideology.”

In other words, Palin is neither a liar nor a parasite, but a truth-teller and an industrious worker—two attributes that have cost her dearly in a liberal environment dominated by special interest groups, entitlement seekers, political predators, fiscal sycophants, tax evaders, people addicted to welfare, single-parent families living off the dole, labor union apparatchiks, official and media appeasers in the “war against terror”—in short, the swarm of barnacles that have battened onto the ship of state.

[….] We need to remember that the liberal-left ideology which seems so potent and widespread in contemporary America is to a large extent the creature of a progressivist elite and its media organs, busy collimating their quarry. It does not speak for the vast majority of Americans but, as Arthur Brooks clearly sets out in The Battle, accounts for at most 30% of the nation. What he calls the 30% coalition, grounded in “European-style statism…expanded bureaucracies, increasing income redistribution, and government-controlled corporations,” advances an agenda that is not shared by the remaining 70% of the population. And it is precisely here, in the preponderant sector of the electorate, that Palin’s real strength lies.

Damn right.

FrontPage- Sarah in 2012.

5 thoughts on “FrontPage- Sarah in 2012?

  1. Palin’s response to the SOTU.

    Rather, she focused her attention on his economic proposals, calling his ideas for investments in areas like high-speed rail “half-baked.” She says they’d put the nation on a “bullet train to bankruptcy.” She also said Obama doesn’t understand that debt is the biggest problem facing the nation.

    She noted the speech was dubbed “Winning the Future,” and suggested that the acronym of that title, “WTF,” is an apt way to describe the speech.

    . . like the WTF line !


  2. I like the woman, admire her courage and wish her well!
    However, her book “Going Rogue” was terrible. 🙂


  3. One thing which was perhaps implied in the article, but not stated, is her strong Christian faith and the morality which springs from that faith.

    The Progressive Left HATE individuals which stand for everything they do not. And, IMO, a strong Christian, with equally strong morals and principles, would have to be close to the top of their “Hate List”, if not at the very top. For that reason, and all the other reasons highlighted in the article, the Left are simply not prepared to see Palin as a possible next President of the United States, and by extension leader of the free world. She is a complete anathema to the Left – and represents EVERYTHING they do not.


  4. I see where Pence has decided not to run. I saw him as the biggest threat to Palin and a guy I would have been ready to support. He would have drawn a lot of votes and money from Palin. I wonder if he has decided to withdraw expressly to leave the way clear for Palin?


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