General Debate 30/01/11

Standing up for their beliefs has also brought Peter and Hazelmaery Bull a hefty court fine and a string of abusive phone calls following their refusal to let a gay couple stay at their hotel. Now it could cost Christian hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull their business as tormentors take to the internet to scare off customers. They are apparently posting bogus reviews on travel websites to take revenge for the pair’s stance on gay couples.

The messages claim the hotel is dirty, unfriendly and infested with cockroaches — with one so-called reviewer even comparing it with a Thai prison cell. The comments were exposed as lies after Mrs Bull, 66, found those who posted them claimed to have stayed in the winter — when the hotel was closed. She said: ‘I was moved nearly to tears when I saw the reviews. I pride myself on cleanliness and we work so hard to provide a good experience for people.

‘It’s a cruel and bitter thing to do, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time because people are now booking summer holidays. This could wreck our business.’ Source.

4 thoughts on “General Debate 30/01/11

  1. Melanie Phillips describes it as a secular inquisition.

    You have to tolerate their worldview, but they don’t tolerate yours.


  2. Yet another example (as if we need any) of just how immoral, corrupt and without principles those on the Left are.

    The persecution this god-fearing couple are being put through sends the message that ANYONE with strong moral principles, and not least strong biblical Christians, will simply not be able to run a business where moral and values based decisions about who they trade with, etc are intrinsically linked to doing business.

    Hoteliers are one obvious type of business. But I can think of others:
    • Christian schools where homosexual “parents” insist their children should be able to attend, but not be exposed to Christian principles, especially regarding “lifestyle choices”. And the obvious restrictions placed on who the school may employ as staff.
    • Churches refusing to employ; homosexuals, people living openly in defacto relationships, sex offenders, Muslims, etc.
    • Organisations such as Scoutts, etc with similar restrictions as above.

    And no doubt there are many others that we could suggest.

    I just hope the Bulls have a good Christian community and like minded people who will get behind them and support them as they seek justice and try to keep their business afloat. Lets hope, too, that these lying Leftist scum who are waging this persecution face the full weight of the law for defamation of this couple – but I won’t hold ny breath.


  3. Just got back from three weeks in Communist West Bengal, 80 million of the 100 odd million Indians living under Communism live there – bet you didn’t know there were any – my hatred for Communism grows after seeing it firsthand…

    I was visiting the charity started by my Dad which runs; a dispensary treating 12,000 – 15,000 people a year, a rural woman’s entreprenueral development programme, organising to send 300 slum and orphan children to private school and an inter-denominational disciple training school (80 students per month)…

    It costs $6 a week to send an orphan to private school there and there are 5 new orphans we’ve signed up without having the current weekly donations if anyone can help out…

    Good to be back on TrueBlueNZ…


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