John Key is no Chris Christie- Subtitle: Charge of The Lightweight Brigade

At last the jelly has started to shiver. John Key and the far leftists and arrant racists who support him and who call themselves the National Party are embarking on their first big adventure since being elected. They’re whispering about partial asset sales.

To me its all a bit like the Charge of the Light Brigade. The Nats have been stuck in their hide out since the election, waiting for the time to break out. To make the ride across the plane of grape shot and rifle fire to the ideological freedom that exists over the horizon. They’ll never make it of course. The original Light Brigade had some courage and some training and some ability. The Nats are seriously wanting in all of these factors. With Johnny at their head it will be worse than a massacre. It will end in weak crippled surrender only a hundred or so metres from the break out point.

The left lie in wait, looking through their gun sights and licking their lips in relish. They know that all that has sustained the Nats has been the popularity of John Key. They know that popularity really only exists because Key has more or less functioned as a more likable Helen Klark. Their mainstream media cannons are primed and ready. The TV One and TV Three Newsrooms are fully locked and loaded. The Herald and the Dominion are stocked up with enough ammunition to last to the elections and further. NewstalkZB’s hit squads are champing at the bit. The Nats are looking down the barrel of a defeat that will make the blood and carnage of the Crimean war look like kid’s stuff.

Key is all set to put the telescope in between both eyes and state he cannot see the armada ranged against him, and lead the Nats to death and destruction. And therein is the reason the Nats will fail. First, they have no Nelsonian/ Churchillian leader. Second their mission is unclear. Third, they’re ideologically out of ammunition. Fourth, they haven’t done any groundwork.

Key has been seen singing idiotic songs and appearing like a grinning fool on talks shows run by Conservative hating Progressives in the US, but he has been noticeably absent from the ideological battle front. In fact the Nats have been so lame there really hasn’t even been a battle front. Undermined by Nick Smith and other fifth columnists they’ve been hog tied in the battle of ideas. Mumbling and incoherent they have wasted more than two years and completely failed to get any alternative message across. Without any attempt to persuade the population to think differently to what they did at the election, the Nats are launching their partial privatisation offensive cold.

Here’s what they should have done. They should have had a forceful and articulate leader out front over the last two years preaching and proselytizing some principle. Persuading people and undermining the rhetoric that they already know the left will be attacking them with. Here’s what they should do now. Have that same forceful and articulate leader set the terms of the debate and not allow the opposition and their media jackals to alter those terms.

It can be done. Below is a video of Chris Christie confronting a member of the liberal media. There are a lot of similar videos showing Christie’s technique in speaking truth to power. We need Chris Christie here in New Zealand. In John Key we’ve basically got an even more incoherent Jimmy Carter, only Key is going to go down a lot faster and deeper than even that useless little peanut farming Progressive.

With National though, there is nothing to be done. There is no way Key can transform into a Chris Christie. It will be a massacre. When the smoke has cleared the Nats need to remove their dead and re think their position. Its not hard. First, get an idea. Communicate that idea. Don’t apologise for it or let the left set the terms. Secondly get rid of John Key. He’s hopeless and he will take you nowhere. Get a real leader. One who can first of all articulate the idea you get as the first part.

What would I do right now? Wave the white flag and save yourself the bloodshed. Its futile. Go through to the next election, win it, dump the schoolboy Key and get someone with some balls and start all over again. Right now, I don’t reckon the Nats are capable of winning an ideological battle against a shoal of whitebait.

(I doubt the Nats read TrueblueNZ, but if they did, they could learn a lot from this one short sharp video)

19 thoughts on “John Key is no Chris Christie- Subtitle: Charge of The Lightweight Brigade

  1. Lucia- Yes I thought that was unbecoming to the office of PM too. Key just looks to me like a cheap jerk.

    We’ve had two years of such vacuous nonsense when he should have been setting the stage for some political action. He should have been explaining why it is necessary to take certain unpopular steps. He should have used the time to attack arguments that he knew were going to come from the left about privatisation. Instead we have this weak posturing as a “good bloke” and this desperate need to remain popular with idiots. Just pathetic and gutless and useless.


  2. At the end of the day, he’s just a money dealer promoted to something way beyond his abilities. The Nats will limp to victory on the vague promise not to rock the sinking boat.


  3. “The Nats will limp to victory on the vague promise not to rock the sinking boat.”

    Good analogy. And of course, not without boring a few extra holes in the hull themselves.


  4. Excellent post. Sums up what Key and the Nats are in for to a tee. Christie is a concern in many areas to any true Conservative, but at least he is prepared to wage the fiscal fight.


  5. “He should have been explaining why it is necessary to take certain unpopular steps.”

    If he’d started 2 years ago Red, he wouldn’t have needed to. A couple of short sentences would have done it:

    “Sorry folks, but New Zealand led the world into recession. In addition, the Clark regime hid from us a $700 million hole in ACC funding, and they bought back KiwiRail for twice what it was worth. We all now need to pitch in. That means I’m asking the SSC to not give politicians any pay increases for the next 3 years. It means we can’t afford to have interest-free student loans and we must start dismantling Working for Families. As we gradually remove these organs of the state, we believe there will be enough savings that we won’t need to borrow any more money.”

    But no, he was more interested in being Mr Nice Guy. Fucking empty suit.


  6. Well said Gantt Guy. An agenda for where he indeeded to take NZ would have been nice too. Before the election it was to catch Australia, but he ditched that pretty quickly and replaced it with…. well…. your guess is as good as mine.


  7. “codger dole”? We’ve had this argument before, Sinner. It isn’t the fucking “dole” for those who’ve paid taxes all their life. “dole” is what lazy maori gits in Northland who haven’t had a job all their lives get. “dole” is what public servants who’ve been on the taxpayer’s tit all their lives get.
    “dole” is what teachers who graduate illiterate teenagers get.
    Don’t tell me I’m on the dole when I’ve worked like a bastard all my life, done jobs you would crap yourself and run screaming from and contributed a fuck of a lot of taxes in the process.
    How about you tell us all exactly what you do for a living? It’s a question you’ve never answered in all the time I’ve seen you holding forth with your maniac “solutions”.


  8. This is the problem. The Gnats and Act have failed on the vision thing.
    Hence the caution. The government should have had backbenchers preparing the ground for change, trying to win the debate, before the ministers then announce new policy.
    This is why change is glacial.

    It’s a pity the GNats did not make as much use out of the global financial crisis when they first came in.
    They could well have got away with it and successfully and rightfully pinned the blame on Labour.
    Much as I have some misgivings with the ConDems here, at least you can see how they are trying at cutting back. ZanuLiarbore’s inheritence is so bad, even the Lib Dems are going along with it. It will mean a tough few years but there should be political and economic dividends come 2015.

    I guess the poor, sickly NZ economy has shown how doing little has failed.
    How can you transform an economy if all you do is effectively carry on with the policies of your predecessor?


  9. Agreed, KG. I take all reasonable steps to minimise the amount of money the government steals from me. That said, I still lose somewhere close to six figures per annum in income taxes (and GST, Stamp Duty and various other rackets on top of that). When I get to the appropriate age, and assuming the National Super still exists, I fully intend to take the maximum amount. I certainly do not begrudge the Super to those who spend their lives contributing in positive ways. I think Sinner is a little feral on this point, although one cannot help but admire his enthusiasm 🙂

    Fairfacts, the ConDems have had a burning bridge on which to base their reform, and IMHO it helped a lot that they were geographically close to the Eurostani economic meltdown. The bridge was only smouldering in NZ, and being at the bottom of the world, NZ was largely shielded from the PIGS bankruptcies. Key’s smiling waving “she’ll be right mates” lies also helped keep the sheeple in their pens. If the sheeple knew the truly parlous state of New Zealand’s finances they’d be urging Key to flog the family silver at the nearest flea market!

    The National-led government is devoid of a plan. I think they spent so long figuring out how to topple the communist lesbian, on day 1 when they moved into the 9th floor of the beehive I reckon there would have been a lot of “now what the fuck do we do?” conversations. The past 2 years has provided ample evidence of the fact that they have no vision, and no idea how to govern effectively. Sadly, ACT has failed to operate as National’s conscience. Key effectively sidelined Hide with the SuperCity hospital pass, and of course ACT’s internal circus has also detracted from their influence and distracted them from the job of keeping the Nats honest.


  10. “It’s not a question of begrudging – it’s a simple fact of not having any money.”
    Partly true–but I’ll go along with the slash-and-burn, which will hurt ordinary working people when all the avenues of waste and profligacy in literally hundreds of government and quasi-government agencies are closed down. Not before.
    When politicians take a 50% pay reduction. When tax breaks for the non-productive wealthy are axed. When people stop getting money for being brown. When a tiny DHB like Masterton gets rid of three quarters of the 50 cars the leeches have to run around in.
    And so on.


  11. “. There isn’t any money, there isn’t any savings, all the taxes you paid were pissed away in the meantime by the govt on benefits for other people while you were working. ”
    Then take that up with the people who pissed it away. And find it from somewhere else, otherwise you’re treating the mugging victim as the criminal.


  12. And if I see you refer to nurse’s pay once more as the dole, I will personally rip your fucking head off and stick it up your arse, should we ever meet in person. And that’s a promise somebody in here knows I will keep.


  13. “The Nats will limp to victory on the vague promise not to rock the sinking boat.”


    …me,i staying home.

    …(vague promises) have done me in.

    Nick Smith you useless pile of ….


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