It Ain’t the Skin Colour, its the Politics

Its infuriating the way leftists constantly allege that racism is behind the dislike Conservatives might have for Barack Obama. I think this is as good an example of the projection that typifies the left’s view of Conservatives as you will ever see. Progressives are the racists. They see Obama as a black man first and a politician second. With their innate need to patronize and identify blacks as inferior, they therefore over compensate and in their desperation not to disturb their image of themselves as tolerant and understanding individuals, allow emotion to take precedence over any rational consideration of Obama’s political ideas.

This irrationality is compounded because so many of them believe, as Obama does, that we will one day (if damn Conservatives would just vapourise themselves) arrive at socialist Nirvana. Just as long as we allow government to grow big enough and consume enough of our lives. So we’ve got a combination of delusional socialist dogma and patronising progressive ideas about blacks that form the prism leftists see Obama through. Its not Conservatives who select on race, its the deranged left.

I was once accused by some rancid leftist of disliking Obama because he was black. The accusation caught me off guard at first, for the thought had honestly never even remotely entered my head. Then I became irritated at the mindset of these narrow half educated ill experienced morons who typify the left and apparently cannot get over this racist hump.

I was so much in disagreement with Obama’s policies, I had never even stopped to think about his skin colour. Not something I do anyway. I’ve lived with many different people, in their communities, sometimes as almost the only European, and I know that all over the world, people are generally united in just wanting a good future for themselves and their family. I do not, as the anally retentive left do, look at a person and see first of all the colour of their skin.

I admire many black politicians. Alan West is one of them, and I have posted before on this blog to that effect. He’s an African-American Republican representing a mostly white, affluent district. And he became the first Republican in 14 years to join the Congressional Black Caucus. Strong Tea Party support was a major factor in his victory in November. West defeated two-term Democrat Ron Klein, a white guy. If Conservatives are racist, how come they would elect a black guy over a white guy in a predominantly white area like Palm Beach Florida?

In Deerfield Beach, Fla., this week, Republican congressman and Tea Party firebrand Allen West held his first town meeting. But for the many West supporters who attended, it had the feel of a victory rally. More than 300 people gave West a standing ovation when he arrived at the South Florida Bible College. West began by holding up something that he told the audience was “pretty special.” It was his congressional electronic voting card. “If you want afterwards, come by and see this, because this does not belong to me,” he told the audience. “Even though it has my picture, it belongs to each and every one of you, the constituents of Congressional District 22.” ( Source. )

These people voted for West because of who he is and what his policies are (Conservative) and I’ll bet they never gave a damn about his skin colour. I don’t like Obama because he’s an extreme left socialist with a gangster background, no understanding of America’s exceptionalism as a Constitutional Republic, and bent on turning it into another European socialist cesspit.

At the moment I’m hoping Sarah Palin wins the Republican nomination and goes on to the Presidency for the reasons I gave here- Its Not About Palin Its About Democracy. If the left were not so desperate to stop Palin, I’d be supporting Alan West. Because black white or brindle, and unlike that damn lame socialist fool Obama, he simply gets it. That’s what matters to me.

5 thoughts on “It Ain’t the Skin Colour, its the Politics

  1. Well said Red.
    It’s not the colour of his skin we despise but the colour of his politics and the colour of his character.
    In years gone by, I was a great fan of Condileeza Rice.
    My parents , who are not that political, also remark how good she was when we get a rare glimpse of her on British tv.
    They are starting to think Hillary Clinton is better than Obama.
    If only I could wean them off the BBC, they would make much more progress 🙂


  2. I had the most frustrating conversation on Friday night with a Chinese American who still thinks our objections to Obama are racist.

    One good sign though is the fact that prior to her last trip to L A late last year mention the words Sarah Palin and her head would explode. Now she is admitting that she is not stupid but needs more foreign policy experience, I missed the opportunity to ask how she felt the new smart power was going.


  3. Don’t forget Marco Rubio – a great Tea Party Senator who (hopefully staying the course) will make a great President…

    He’s Cuban and I’d give up sleep for a year to help him be NZ’s PM…


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