Key’s separatist legacy

How long will the National Party put up with Key as its leader, and the strategy of sacrificing principle to popularity? What good is a leader if he can win you elections but not lead? What good is a leader if he has no ideas. John Key won the support of a majority of New Zealanders wanting a change from Labour, but he has not followed through on that mandate. To the contrary, he has actually disappointed many of his supporters by apparently altering his views on key issues (like Climate Change) after the election, and acting pretty much in accord with how the Labour party might have acted had it won re-election.

To me, the biggest disappointment was Key’s instant alliance with the race based Maori Party. Its hard to imagine Don Brash doing such a thing, for his speeches calling for racial unity were the reason for his popularity. I still cannot believe that the National Party fully knew what they were getting when the elected Key to replace Brash. Key’s embrace of the Maori Party must have been a surprise to many of his supporters, in the party and out.

Key did not need to do it, other than for the reason of keeping ACT under control. However, while it may have afforded the National Party a parliamentary advantage, it has been irredeemably destructive to NZ’s long term social cohesion. By making the Maori Party part of his government Key endowed that fledgling group with the legitimacy it may otherwise have never received. He provided them with Ministerial positions, and the trappings of government, including staffing and allowances and increased salaries and offices above what they would have received in opposition. He breathed life into a monster. He offered them a myraid of political concessions that will have serious long term affects on the country.

None of this needed to happen. If Key had left them to fritter away their time in opposition, the political landscape in NZ today would be completely different. The Maori Party may even have eventually faded from the political landscape. Now, the racist party is firmly established, has the legitimacy of a real party, has a track record in government and thanks to John Key, has had a far better start to its mission than they ever deserved.

And their mission of course is the real problem. Despite what they pretend, the real intent of the Maori Party is a country divided along racial grounds, with so called Maori holding a position in society superior to every other New Zealander. As stark a reversal of Don Brash’s ‘one law for all’ concept as you could ever observe. Now, with the impetus provided by the Key government, these country splitting separatists and racists will move onwards and upwards on their destructive course.

Race relations are going to get considerably worse. The country will sink into a mire of racism and separatism. And much of it is down to John Key. The socially destructive impact of the Maori Party’s agenda will become evident, and then, when whites are fleeing en masse to Australia, and NZ sinks into a swamp of violence and savagery and economic collapse, they will remember that at the root of these outcomes was John Key’s ill fated, weak and disgraceful alliance in 2008. Key’s embrace of the Maori Party was the tipping point that started the slide, and the destruction of what was once a wonderful little country will be this foolish visionless man’s legacy.

14 thoughts on “Key’s separatist legacy

  1. Careful Red, you’ll have Adolf here telling you off for saying mean things about the Great One.

    Seriously, Key cannot possibly be so foolish that he thinks his actions are making NZ a better place. Forget the sheeple who take their information from the Herald and 6pm news. Anyone with eyes can see the destruction he’s wreaking across all facets of New Zealand society (race relations and the economy being the starkest examples).

    Key is no fool. He is vacuous, and nature abhors a vacuum. So maybe he’s getting his instructions from New York?


  2. Great post. We need to oppose this bastard come the elections and we need a simple, inflammatory catch-phrase and logo. Any ideas?


  3. A very good post indeed.

    It shouldn’t take long for main cheerleader and arselicker Adolf to jump to the defense of his master.


  4. Great post. We need to oppose this bastard come the elections and we need a simple, inflammatory catch-phrase and logo. Any ideas?

    A billboard with a photo of Key written underneath:

    Thought you were voting for a change away for racism and economic decline? Us too. This time vote Xxxxxx Party.


  5. “The pic of holding hands makes one want to puke.”

    So too the pic of him rubbing noses with separatist Tama Iti. This man has no shame.


  6. “This man has no shame.”

    He just has no idea. He just wanted to be PM because he thought it would be a “cool” thing to achieve. NZ is paying the price for this fool’s vanity.


  7. I’ve just been reading some of Hilaire Belloc’s, The Party System, written exactly 100 years ago now. And the thing is, John Key is not acting on his own – he will be acting with the full support of those who are in control of the National Party (not the rank and file members). Otherwise he wouldn’t be PM, otherwise he would have been rolled already.

    So, for some reason, the powerful men in National want an alliance with Maori, and it’s probably because Maori are the new up and coming rich in NZ, who will be set to control some major resources.

    John Key is just a front man.


  8. John Key is not acting on his own – he will be acting with the full support of those who are in control of the National Party

    They elected him as leader………..and they can un-elect him if they want. He definitely could not get away with his actions if the Party hierarchy did not want them, but they have ignored the discontent amongst the traditional Tory voter and have gone out and courted the left, the racists and the welfare beneficiaries.

    Pity there is no viable alternative, I’ll just have to spoil my vote. I predict a Labour/Maori/Winston/Greens/Dunne/’Hone-Bradford-loony-and-hate party’ alliance spending our money like drunken sailors come December.


  9. I’m thinking of voting for Winston, just because John Key told me not to.

    Well, actually, there is a bit more to it that that, and I may change my mind. However, I’m wondering if Winston’s main sins are that he is uncontrollable and refuses to play along with the ruling elite.


  10. I had the same thought, LM. But unless and until he pays back the money, I wouldn’t vote for him even as a protest vote. (he may have paid it back, but I don’t recall that being reported if he did)


  11. Pay back the money and (as a minimum) apologise for his blatant corruption at the hands of the Velas.


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