John Key- Barren of ideas and rhetoric, he has to go.

John Key was called an “arsehole” by one of the self obsessed entitlement mentality welfare class that is crippling this country. What’s Key’s response to this charge? Just hopeless meaningless waffle. Here is an excellent chance for him to really send a message. The media is focused. Its a slow news day. Key should have said something with impact. But he cannot. He cannot because he just does not have the damn conviction that is needed to underpin his role as Prime Minister of a Conservative government. Key does not understand the cause and he does not believe in the cause and he does not believe in himself as a politician. It grows clearer and clearer by the minute that this guy is just in it for the personal glory.

All Key did in response to this selfish bludger’s whining was tell her to keep believing in the ponzi scheme of socialism. That eventually, if she just kept with the faith, big government would save her. “Its only a matter of time, but eventually, I will make it better for you. Socialism will start working, and you, with your six kids and no job will have the wealth and prosperity that everyone who lives in New Zealand and votes for Labour or National should have as their right.”

The NZ Herald- Mr Key said the Government had a broad approach to help those on low incomes, including lifting the minimum wage from $12 an hour to $13 an hour, across-the-board tax cuts and the 90-day trial period for new workers that has reportedly created more jobs. “We’ve done as good a job as we can in the conditions we’ve got to try and help low-income New Zealanders.” He said many houses in McGehan Close had benefited from the Government’s home-insulation programme. “It’s a long process, lifting the opportunities for New Zealanders on low incomes. No one is arguing that.”

Mostly just worthless platitudinous rubbish. Sure the tax cuts and the 90 day period are good ideas but they’re too little and too late, and canceled out by the other measure Key wrongly sees as beneficial anyway. But this piece is not meant to be a critique of what the government has done or has not done. Its purpose is to point out the shortcomings in John Key’s thinking and his rhetoric.

Key should have used this event to send a sharp message of truth. He should have said that we cannot go on expecting government to pick up the tab for every wrong decision people make in their lives. That if people make choices, they are going to have to face the consequences of those choices. He should have said that the burden of trying to make life comfortable for those who continually make bad choices is crippling the country, destroying its ability to create wealth, and will eventually see us all in the same gutter as the legion of bludgers who expect so much from the rest of NZ. As if it is their right.

He should have said that government could only do so much, and that it was up to each and every individual to make what they could of their lives. That a man making the right choices for himself and his family cannot continue to succeed if he is forced to pay for three other families in his street who continually make wrong choices. Eventually that man will go away, and the plight of those who were trained to be careless by the redistributive policies of socialist governments (like the one Key heads) will then worsen.

Key could have said so much in the same vein. But he didn’t. He just mumbled worn out cliches and lies about how socialism wasn’t working under Helen Klark but would work under the National government if we just kept tinkering around the edges for a bit longer. Hopeless. Utterly frigging hopeless. How this shallow weak and hollow buffoon got to be leader of any political party is beyond me, let alone one that so falsely postures as center right.

Popular? Pfft, of course he is popular. Pandering to the lowest common denominator in voters and in political ideology. The National Party so badly needs a complete clean out and it has to start with getting rid of this ineffectual poseur and his backers. Surely there are some people left in National who can see the futility of allowing this political wastrel to remain leader. For democracy to function, we must have at least a two party system, and not a series of parties merged into one.

For the sake of NZ’s future, we have to break out of this mould, and the need to do so is becoming more urgent every day. John Key is not only the wrong man, he’s the wrong man at the wrong time, and whatever the electoral cost, he has to go.

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18 thoughts on “John Key- Barren of ideas and rhetoric, he has to go.

  1. he sealed his fate in my mind when he corralled the Nats into supporting the Bradford/Klark anti-smacking bill. (one of the most egregious pieces of social engineering to ever be inflicted on NZ) Adolf thought is was all part of a cunning plan.

    . . and wasn’t that mincing catwalk display he did the darnedest thing you’d ever seen?



  2. “. and wasn’t that mincing catwalk display he did the darnedest thing you’d ever seen?”

    Convinced me the man is just a bloody fool beyond perseverance.


  3. He hast to go but he will not go. What to do?
    National supporters are wimps and cowards and I cannot see how they could get rid of JK.


  4. I dunno Erikter. There has to be a point where they will wake up to how they have been conned. I see there was a pretty interesting National Party internal email going around last week on Maggie Barry and what a political lightweight she was. Maybe there is a spark of hope.


  5. I doubt it Red. The Tories are blind and thick as shit and adore Key for all he represents (absolutely nothing!)

    We are fucked! Time to consider an overseas home.


  6. Perhaps the women with 6 kids could consider keeping her legs closed and then she might be able to feed them..


  7. The woman is the victim of the left’s social blueprint. To half educate the population. To indoctrinate them with the idea that society is collectively responsible for the poor choices of others. To create an underclass dependent upon government, and who will therefore always vote for bigger government, and for more largess from this government.

    National and John Key in particular should be doing all they can to send a message that counters the message of the left. To awaken this woman to her need to accept responsibility for her own condition.

    Key is apparently incapable of articulating that message. He is useless and he has to go.


  8. “Key is apparently incapable of articulating that message.” because Key doesn’t believe in it! The prime minister is a complete phoney.


  9. The term “spineless invertebrate” comes to mind whenever I think of our PM. And that mincing display on the catwalk was beyond embarrasing, and certainly did nothing to cure me of the impression that Mr Key will play to whatever/whoever is in the gallery.
    No doubt he won lots of brownie (pun intended) points with all the narcissistic perverts within society (the GLBT ‘community’).

    He really does stand for nothing, but will scrape and bow to anyone (apart from right-minded and principled individuals).

    We need a NZ Tea Party with a New Zealand version of Sarah Palin to head it. “Mincing John” has to go!


  10. Why do they keep him..? A few reasons:

    1). He sounds slick, if you heard him on Radio Live today, well he could charm the pants off a stevedore…
    2). He doesn’t scare the horses…
    3). National supporters/voters still hope that he can achieve more reform in three terms, than they could if they’d done what so obviously needed to be done (even before the GFC) and to hell with the electoral consequences in Nov…

    For those planning to leave where are you going to go..? Aussie ain’t much better under the Ginga Ninja, the US is under Obama and England is run by John Key 2: Labour Lighter…


  11. “Aussie is much, much better Jeremy, even with the Welsh Woodpecker (temporarily) in charge.”

    Yes, the far left welfarist mentality is not anywhere near so deeply ingrained as it is in NZ. Well, not in the far north anyway. 🙂


  12. I was suprised when I was there over New Years, a lot of the “government is the answer” nonsense in letters to the editor…

    Perth was quite good, the isolation there fosters a self reliant mindset methinks…


  13. I agree Jeremy. Victoria South Australia and NSW are gone. Queensland is on its way and WA is probably not far behind. ABC radio and television is a big part of the problem in Australia. Leftist liars and propagandists to the core and with very wide taxpayer funded influence.


  14. Singapore was very good, no BS, the Straits Times were a ten page treasure…

    If it became a true democracy I might be keen…


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