John Banks To Form New Conservative Party & Contest Epsom?

A rumour someone unknown posted in General Debate 10/02/11. Anyone with any verification is invited to comment.

Banks was a huge disappointment in the Auckland Mayoral elections and only proved one thing. He is too frightened to run on Conservative issues. I have said before I don’t know why Banks has swung to the left. I think it is because, in his political forays, he is surrounding himself with the wrong people. Which means he lacks judgment.

Banks will get no support from this blog if he can’t fully step up to the Conservative plate. Meaning he’d have to make more than a few damn changes on his Auckland Mayorality profile. Here’s something for you to read and ponder Mr. Banks-

..Conservatism is comprised of three indissoluble principles; social values, national defense, and classic economic liberalism. A movement that includes those who categorically reject one of those ethos is not a big tent. It is a circus. That is because those who reject social values or national defense will indubitably reject fiscal conservatism as well.


Think that over before you consider stepping into the political ring with your soft liberal friends in yet another attempt at sullying the Conservative side of politics.

29 thoughts on “John Banks To Form New Conservative Party & Contest Epsom?

  1. I guess I’ll take any pressure to move the Nats to the right…

    If he’s running in Epsom he can run on a conservative platform, early 90s style…


  2. Banks comes across (to me) as flakey. All that hysterical compassion for animals stuff really pisses me off. I’m very interested in hearing what others on the right think of him though.


  3. I don’t agree with his overzealous attitude towards animals either and I found he’s drifted to the left lately.

    What is really needed is to oust Key and reinstate the founding principles of the Nats. Yes, I know I’m dreaming.


  4. He is yesterdays man.

    His mayoral campaign was awful, all of this “new inclusive leadership style” bullshit and his epiphany on the “virtues of the queer parade” bullshit. Any Conservative worth his while wouldn’t be pandering to all of this “liberal” & homosexual political activism bullshit.


  5. Angus- did you check the link under that quote in the post?

    Yep, sure did RB. And that is why I have an immediate natural distrust for homosexual politicians . . . because they often hold many beliefs which are diametrically opposed to mine. . . issues like traditional marriage, family, sexual libertinism, gay surrogacy etc. I don’t buy into that “their sexuality doesn’t affect the way they do their jobs” bullshit.

    Trying to blend one or two elements of conservatism in with social liberalism only results in creating idiots like Meegan McCain.

    I’ll re-post this again:

    Gay Labour MPs Tim Barnett and Chris Carter sometimes attend BDSM functions in Christchurch and Auckland respectively, but until Investigate received a tip off earlier this year no-one knew that Benson-Pope was even more involved than either of his gay colleagues.

    At some time or other, any three of those gentlemen mentioned were active in pushing “progressive” social policy agendas, or ministers in charge of education, social development and child protective agencies like CYFS.


  6. He ruled out any privatisation in Auckland… Councils running ports and airports is just mental…

    But Banks was just playing the game to get elected, don’t forget he told a DomPost reporter a couple of years ago, “If I ran on what I really believed I’d never get another vote”… He’s 61 (from memory) so maybe he thinks, this is my last shot maybe I better run on what I truly believe…

    I remember watching an interview with him a couple of years ago, done by the self-inflated Oliver Driver, where he banged on about animal rights… I’d prefer victim’s rights, say mandatory sentences, more cops, more prisons, a referendum on capital punishment…


  7. “Trying to blend one or two elements of conservatism in with social liberalism only results in creating idiots like Meegan McCain.”

    That is what I don’t get about CPAC and their “GOPride”. WTF is with that? Why can’t they, if they are homosexual, just be Conservative and STFU about their sexuality??

    I mean, where’s the heterosexual faction of the GOP…? Pffftt… pathetic.


  8. if they are homosexual, just be Conservative and STFU about their sexuality??

    I reckon it’s because they have made the fact that they engage in homosexual behavior the central point of their self-identity.

    I constantly hear the obligatory Liberty Scott-type whine that “what peaceful people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is no one else’s business”. . . Except when one is homosexual, then it has to be celebrated in parades, taught in schools, afforded asymmetrical laws and treatment in the workplace.

    The duplicity and elitism of the homosexual activists is undeniable. They see the law as something applying to others, but never themselves. Democratic processes are the enemy because the will of the people staunchly opposes the forced indoctrination of their lifestyle on their children, therefore should be ridiculed and ignored. While saying one critical word to them should be met with accusations of intolerance, no degree of intimidation or slander is too outrageous to achieve their goal of using which ever public bathroom they choose.


  9. Totally agree about the animal nonsense. People who make a big deal of animals rights/issues are not grounded.


  10. p.s

    I think it was Shipley who started the “right” courting the gay thing. Since her they’ve all been at it.
    Never rated her either. She’s also well in with the Red Chinese. Strange bed fellows but then there’s no point being involved in politics unless you can get something out of it. That’s how it looks these days.


  11. Angus is right. Banks is yesterday and he ruined his brand a long time ago if not in the Auckland mayoralty race. There has to be a better option. For myself, I’d take Brash over Banks anyday.


  12. Banksie is a career politician, therfore all he is really interested in is easing his inferiority complex via a balot box. A pox on all the useless bastards.


  13. I think a true conservative would only desire to be in politics for as short a period as necessary, and have the good sense to know when to leave w.r.t. accomplishing the job or knowing that it’s time to try something different. Therefore, the true conservative is not a career politician.


  14. How about Muriel Newman?

    I’ve spoken to her a couple of times when I attended the odd ACT get togethers a few years ago . . she was one of the more conservative MP’s in the ACT caucus. In fact, I voted for her in the leadership primary when Prebs stood down. After the 2005 election only Hide & Roy were returned of course, who are both social-liberals.


  15. Yeah, I don’t know much about her really. She seems to be sticker, and if Hide and Roy didn’t want her maybe that’s a good sign. I dunno. Maybe we could get Michele Bachmann or Pense out here.. 🙂

    Could you imagine how the sorry collection of socialist mungbeans we presently have in the beehive would react to a speech by Bachmann? They wouldn’t have the faintest damn clue as to what she was talking about.


  16. Never rated her either. She’s also well in with the Red Chinese.

    Me neither, kowtow. It is said that the Nats put their friends into positions of riches, whilst Labour put their friends in positions of power in order to engineer social change.

    In either case, they’re not there to serve their country, they’re there to serve themselves.


  17. Interesting when talking about conservative politicians in NZ it becomes quite obvious as to the dearth of them . . . just shows how incredibly skewed to the Left the political landscape is.


  18. Yeah, well maybe being an island has something to do with it. When I came back here in 1999 I said to everyone “what a socialist hole this is” and they all said “what are you talking about?”

    11 years later and incredibly, some of them still say the same damn thing.. 🙂


  19. I personally think (I posted a couple of days ago) that is Banksie is the answer, you’re asking the wrong question. Banksie is no more a Conservative than John Key. Additionally, Banks played the Auckland mayoral election incredibly badly and his brand (were it not so beforehand) is irreparably damaged.

    But here’s what I don’t get…why Epsom? He has to know the only brake on National taking a hard-turn to the left is ACT, and that ACT needs Rodney to win Epsom to stay in Parliament. Banks will not win Epsom; the best he can hope for is to split the vote so that Rodney loses Epsom. If that’s the case, at whose request is he acting?

    If Banks really wants to start a Conservative Party with a view to returning to the Parliament, I have a few suggestions for more appropriate seats:

    Te Atatu: Labour held Te Atatu through the politics of personality. For some reason, they loved Carter. Additionally, the people of Te Atatu are never in a million years going to elect Tau Henare. Sorry Tau, but it’s true. Carter is done for; he won’t win as an independent and there will be a backlash against the Liarbore carpet-bagger. Te Atatu is ripe for the plucking.

    Mount Albert: Liarbore hold Mt Albert through their parachuted-in mercenary David Shearer, and because of Clarkula’s legacy. Shearer has been pretty-much invisible since his maiden speech. I think it’s a takeable electorate, but not for National after they insulted the voters by offering up Mel Lee.

    Tamaki: National holds this with a pretty massive majority, but WhaleOil seems to think Allan Peachey is weak and doesn’t have a lot of support. I trust his information on the inner workings of the National Party, so it might be worth looking at.

    Waitakere: Paula Bennett’s majority is about as wide as a bee’s dick. She’s made a complete cock-up of the promised-but-not-delivered Welfare Reform. Waitakere is definitely takeable.

    New Lynn: Liarbore hold New Lynn through ‘Silent T’ with a majority of 4,000. It’s not a lot, Cunliffe doesn’t have a lot of support in his caucus. In addition, he’s a slimy prick who could easily lose his seat in a well-executed election battle.

    Maungakiekie: Sam Lotu-Iiga has been all-but invisible since entering the Parliament. His majority is only 2,000 and the Liarbore candidat is Carol Beaumont, who nobody in their right mind could ever vote for.

    Manurewa: Another Liarbore electorate held by the power of a known ‘personality’ (term used in its loosest possible sense). George Hawkins is retiring and Liarbore’s union paymasters have parachuted in a carpet-bagger to replace him. A well-executed attack strategy could unseat Liarbore.

    So you see, if Banks was serious, he has 7 electorates that (I think) are winnable without setting out to destroy the only brake that currently exists on the egoes of Key and his cabal of statist sycophants.


  20. Hell- that’s an impressive analysis for an offshore guy 🙂

    But I think the general consensus is that Banks has run out of chances and is not anyone to be starting a Conservative party anyway. If there was going to be a Conservative Party who the hell would lead it? I’m saying Brash at the moment, but he’s a bit flakey too in some ways. Brash allowed himself to be constantly beaten up. When Susan Woods (spit) called him a liar on prime time TV he just wilted, and my old Gran said then she’d never vote for such a “cowdy cat”. (her words) It has to be someone with a Chris Christie type approach to smack back at the surfeit of liberals in the media.


  21. You’re right about Brash. He let himself get beaten up by Susan Woods, knifed in the back by Bill English and ignored (2025 TaskForce) by John Key. He would make a good policy strategist but he had his chance to be PM and let the communist lesbian steal the prize from him.

    My money (for a new party) is on Muriel Newman. If the Coastal Coalition can manage to defeat Corrupt Chris Finlayson’s plan to fraudulently hand New Zealand’s coastline to corporate Iwi, a Conservative party with her at the helm should be able to ride a Tea Party style wave of popularity into the next election. While the CC isn’t a true “grassroots” movement in the way the Tea Party movement is, it’s the closest thing there’s been in New Zealand for a while and it seems to me the planets are aligning for it to move from being a single-issue movement to more of a Conservative-style policy platform. It may still happen if Finlayson’s law goes through but it would be much harder.


  22. Hey, do me a favour if you wouldn’t mind- I want totry out a new chat module. Just look down the posts its now th e third one from the top. Join up and see if it works. If you have the time that is.. 🙂


  23. Red, Muriel would be a good person to have in a seat with influence. Very analytical and well researched. but needs a gorrilla to ram home the results of her work. Very sound and a nice person as well.
    Would be a great candidate for Tauranga where we have that weak, pretty boy that was foisted on us because all the ladies will vote for him.

    I keep suggesting that Tauranga is ripe for the plucking with the right candidate. Pretty boy doesn’t have a following of note. Most see him as weak without any opinion of his own and even less worldly experience.


  24. I would agree with that Robert. I think a right winger might resonate there.

    Thanks for your info on Muriel. I have actually conversed with her in the past but remember it only faintly. They had another nice lady from Rotorua. Brunette. Lawyer I think.


  25. How many people live in that bloody place? It’s not like down town Pungarehu. Shit surly there is a champion for the right or are they all pussies?.


  26. When I edited a paper up North, Muriel Newman had a column in the paper.
    She always argued her point well and I tended to agree with all of what she said.
    Some of the younger ACT boys see her as too christian/conservative.
    But I think she has a consistency that the party needs.
    I was surporised and disappointed she did not get an electable place on the list.
    I don’t see either Newman or Banksie as being leaders of a new right wing party.
    ACT and Rodney has got itself into a right pickle and I see no easy way out.


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