Bloggers and Tea Partiers Force 12 States To Legislate on Obama BC Issue

Still the mainstream media does Obama’s bidding and strives to keep the issue of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility low profile. White House spokeman Gibbs continues to brush off questions on the issue and Obama campaigners posing as the bulk of the White House Pres Corp continue to assist him in playing the issue down.

Meanwhile, bloggers and Tea Party groups keep plugging away. As a result of their pressure on state representatives, there are now twelve states that will require further documentation from Obama before he is permitted to list his name on the Presidential ballot for this state. They are Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, and just yesterday Tennessee.

WSMV TV in Nashville reports- State Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mount Juliet, said she was asked to file the legislation by the Wilson County Tea Party. She said she wouldn’t comment about whether or not she believes Obama was born outside the United States because she has no personal knowledge about whether or not he can prove his citizenship. She said this would erase all concerns in future elections. “We just want to make doubly sure in Tennessee if we put someone on the ballot, they are qualified to run,” said Beavers.

So, with twelve states requiring information that Obama appears not to have, you would think that such an obstacle to his re-election would be making news right? Nope. The mainstream media won’t report it. The White House Press Corp, that band of treacherous jackals, keep supporting Gibbs in his efforts to marginalize the issue. Even Conservative pundits are steering clear.

Glenn Beck’s show is suffering a serious decline in viewer numbers. I think this is because there is an unorganised boycott of Beck for his failure to front on this issue. Beck’s thrust has always been respect for the Constitution. His derisive remarks about those concerned with Obama’s Constitutional eligibility have made him look like a hypocrite.

During Monday night’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor,” the host read an e-mail from Ed Harris, a viewer from Youngsville, N.C.The letter stated, “Bill, thanks for winning me $100. I bet a friend you would not ask Obama about his birth certificate, and you didn’t.”

O’Reilly responded to Harris by saying with a grin, “Let me get this straight, Ed. You found someone who bet you a hundred bucks that I would ask the president about the nutty birth-certificate stuff. Can you please send me that person’s name? I would like to do business with this guy.”

Earlier, Joseph Farrah had issued the following challenge to Bill O’Reilly who first agreed to have Farrah on to discuss the issue, but later changed his mind. The interview did not take place.

Here’s the story, Bill, whether you recognize it or not: Tens of millions of Americans have serious doubts about Obama’s right to be in office. They are concerned that the system broke down and did not require proof of his constitutional qualifications. They don’t want double talk like they’ve been getting from politicians and the media elite. They don’t want more platitudinous assertions. They don’t expect to have their well-informed suspicions be ridiculed by the likes of you, Shepherd Smith, Chris Matthews, the New York Times, the Associated Press and the rest of the media monopoly singing in harmony.

The American people have figured out what you apparently are unable or unwilling to discern: Obama’s hiding something. One of the somethings he is undoubtedly hiding is his birth certificate. I will go also out on a limb, Bill, and proclaim that you were, shall we say, disingenuous when you claimed to have inspected Obama’s birth certificate. If you got your hands on it, why didn’t you show it to your viewers? If your goal is, as you state, to put an end to a bogus story, the obvious way would have been to share with your audience what you saw.

I don’t think you saw anything, Bill. I think maybe you saw the same thing all of us have seen, “ad nauseam,” to quote Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I think you saw the certification of live birth – a totally meaningless document with regard to proving presidential eligibility.

Whatever went on in the past, the future is that Obama will have to cough something up if he wants to make it onto the ballot in these twelves (so far) states . The media are trying to ignore it, but eventually the story will break. When it does, remember it was down to bloggers and the Tea Party, and not the lowlife cheating cowardly Obama support group called the mainstream media.


20 thoughts on “Bloggers and Tea Partiers Force 12 States To Legislate on Obama BC Issue

  1. I think the observation about Beck is correct, and will apply to Fox more widely if they keep evading the BC issue. There are some other issues that have been covered insufficiently and incorrectly as well, Wilders and 9/11 come to mind. While there may be differing opinions, they should not be evaded, as that gives the impression that things are being hidden, on issues where very large numbers of people seek information.
    As far as Beck is concerned, he is starting to be too much all over the place (if not rambling, or taking argumentative shortcuts), and inconsistent in some of what he is saying. It’s becoming too Beck centered, instead of his orginal bringing in of experts on many topics. Since a while Napolitano is a better show to watch.


  2. I can’t comment on Glenn Beck as I don’t watch his show. I know many people like but I just don’t get him for some reason?

    With regard to Bill O’Reilly, who I watch as often as I can, he says that his investigators have checked this out and that they have found newspaper birth notices in local Hawaiian papers about Obama. So as far as he is concerned the evidence is clear that Obama was born in United States territory.

    So this may be one conspiracy too far?


  3. Scott- this is not Kiwiblog. This is a warning. If you post any more such superficial unresearched worthless crap as that it will be deleted without further notice. Commenters here, out of respect for others, are expected to have some damn idea of what they’re talking about.


  4. Re Obama birth announcements in local paper-

    The advertisements could easily have been inserted by Obama’s grand parents who were living in Hawaii at the time. This could have been done quite innocently or it could have been done on his mother’s orders in order to help convince Hawaiian authorities he was born there for the purpose of gaining citizenship once she returned to Hawaii.

    Obama’s mother was very conscious of things like this. If you look at her correspondence from the time she had had many dealing with the Dept of Immigration concerning Soetero (Obama’s stepfather) status and Obama senior’s status.

    The claim that no one would have known he would one day be President is just a smokescreen. They did not need to have that motivation at all.

    Secondly, there are many issues with the actual date of birth and where his mother was on the date it is claimed to have occurred. No evidence she was in Hawaii, and she was recorded in Canada attending college only a few days later.

    Thirdly, the birth advertisements are only on microfilm. That microfilm is available to anyone who asks for it at any time. There is plenty of evidence of tampering with the film and it would have been very easy for any Obama supporter to go and get the film, splice in the advertisements, and return it to the library. It is also a strange fact that the format of the birth advertisements in both newspapers that contained Obama’s birth notice is different to the format used consistently before and consistently afterwards.

    Furthermore to claim that two newspaper advertisements of doubtful origin are sufficient to Constitutionally qualify a President of the United States who is already showing signs of considerable disloyalty is just nuts. This ain’t just applying for a passport. It is the security of the highest office in the land and the safety of the United States we are talking about.


  5. Red — I stand by what I wrote. That is what Bill O’Reilly said.
    Now you have posted some additional information. Fair enough. But my comments were correct. It is not worthless crap — it is what Bill O’Reilly said.

    Now — we seem to agree that Hawaiian newspapers did carry notice of Obama’s birth — do we not?

    Therefore for there to be a conspiracy you would have to prove that someone inserted the birth notices in the newspapers decades after the event, which seems very difficult to do.

    Or you would have to find an alternative explanation for why a false birth notice was put in the Hawaiian newspapers. Certainly at the time no one could imagine that Obama was going to be president and would need proof of United States citizenship.

    Finally — I appreciate you are trying to run a forum for more right of centre views as opposed to Kiwi blog which has become a forum for Phil U and other bloggers of the hard left. But one does need to not immediately jump on people because they are questioning your version of events. This is a very controversial topic.

    For my part I am not particularly concerned about where Obama was born. I just don’t agree with his policies.


  6. Even forgetting the birth certificate there is just so much baggage surrounding the man that serious questions must be asked. Has Scott seen the Internet version of a Chicago newspaper, I believe it was around 2004 that stated that Barry had just been elected as a congress man for Chicago and in the article it was stated he was Kenyan born. I believe it was the Sun? from Chicago.


  7. Here are 6 African Newspaper articles calling Obama “Kenyan-Born”

    Notice the first article was from Sunday, June 27, “2004”

    Historical News Articles and FactCheck Agree: Obama is “Kenyan-born”
    Posted on October 18th, 2009 by David-Crockett

    Sunday, June 27, “2004”

    Kenya Sunday Standard headline-”Kenyan-born” Obama all set for US Senate

    The Nigerian Observer-Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win. The “Kenyan-born” Senator will…”

    USAfrica — “Kenyan-born” OBAMA makes history…wins presidential nomination of U. S. Democratic party; eyes on White House… — ” Little wonder then why “Kenyan-born” Barack Obama, America’s first Black President…” — “For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever “African-American President” on this presidential visit to the “Continent of his Birth”. The same article, with the same quote, appeared in…/…5-ContinentOfBirth.htm

    The Ghana Times — “So far, the odds favour the once underdog in American politics, Obama, the “African-American Senator” from Illinois state. A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the “Kenyan born” American ahead of his rivel, John McCain.”


  8. Red, can you explain the difference between filing legislation and it passing the State’s Legislatures..? If there is a difference…

    Are these passed laws that have been voted on by State Representatives..?


  9. Scott made no good points and I will not address stuff that is old and has been dealt with so many times before. I’m sorry but I just do not have the time or the inclination.

    What I suggest you do is type “birth certificate” into the search form at the top of the side bar and you will find where this has all been covered before.

    What the hell- I have just done if for you. Read a few of the posts listed at this url.

    There are 1 1/2 pages of links there you can read.


  10. “Red, can you explain the difference between filing legislation and it passing the State’s Legislatures..? If there is a difference…”

    Yeah there is, of course they have to gain the votes, but I think in most cases the votes have already been taken care of. I have been following these moves pretty closely but I do not remember where each bill is vote wise.

    I wasn’t too worried as basically there is only one needed in one state, and we will not know for sure how many will make it through until its time to list the ballots, and its not really important until then. I’m pretty sure though that I have read where most of those twelve states either have or will get it through. I reckon there will be a lot more eventually.


  11. “Now — we seem to agree that Hawaiian newspapers did carry notice of Obama’s birth — do we not?

    Therefore for there to be a conspiracy you would have to prove that someone inserted the birth notices in the newspapers decades after the event, which seems very difficult to do.

    Or you would have to find an alternative explanation for why a false birth notice was put in the Hawaiian newspapers. Certainly at the time no one could imagine that Obama was going to be president and would need proof of United States citizenship.”

    This was the part I was hoping you would address. Do you believe that the microfilm was doctored?


  12. “Therefore for there to be a conspiracy you would have to prove that someone inserted the birth notices in the newspapers decades after the event, which seems very difficult to do.”

    Can’t you read?

    You’re just wasting my time.

    “Do you believe that the microfilm was doctored?”

    No. I consider it possible.


  13. The newspaper announcements have always been a red herring. Both of my children were born in Los Angles and yet birth announcements appeared in two different papers in Alabama – simple reason is that that is where their grandparents lived. Announcements would have – maybe even should have – appeared in Hawaii’s newspapers no matter where he was born. That’s where his grandmother lived. And by the way the announcements say nothing about the place of birth, and are in fact quite short.


  14. Hello, I’m the blogger that did the research on the obama birth announcement microfilms.
    What really set me to do it was O’Reilly STATING that he had done research, when in fact his staff had simply gone online and printed off second hand images that were supplied from questionable sources.
    I realized that no one had actually collected the things in person, nor were they ever compared to the microfilms from the other libraries that house them. So how in hell could O’Reilly STATE that he had researched them? Bah! I decided to do that myself.

    Here is the link to the full length original research. The links to the rest of the related posts are also found in that post. I’d be happy to answer any questions through comments. I have the copies from three of the (only) approx. seven or eight libraries that have both films for those dates. I copied a two month range with the dates obama’s announ. appeared falling in the middle.


  15. Thanks for those links ladysforest. Very interesting reading. One thing that would be very interesting is if we could ever find a copy of the actual newspapers that are claimed to have contained the advertisements. Imagine if just one copy was found, and the ads were not in it.


  16. I THOUGHT the LOC had a copy based on a IM exchange I had with them, but when I asked the fellow at the desk, he seemed very confused. I explained about the IM and he acted more confused, just kept asking if I knew the name of the person who had stated that. I said I didn’t recall, and that I may have misunderstood, well anyway – here is the little story and the screenshot of the IM exchange. You can understand why I made the assumption that they had the 1961 actual newspaper.


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