General Debate 17/02/11

I was looking back in time on the internet to see if I could find any criticism from the Nats over Labour’s purchase of the Seven series Beamers back in 2007. I couldn’t find any. I did find though the original justification for purchasing the Beamers over standard Ford / Holden saloons.

“This is the first time that sustainability principles have been applied to the process for replacing the fleet, based on recommendations in a Ministry of Transport review carried out a year ago,” said VIP Transport Service national manager, Rex Ambler. “The BMW 730Ld was selected as best fitting all requirements and also represents excellent value for money, with a cheaper whole-of-life cost than the models it is replacing.”

The chosen model outperformed all others in regard to energy efficiency and was in the top two in terms of emission standards. The MoT review called for less than 9 litres of fuel use per 100km and less than 220gr of CO2 emissions per kilometre. The BMW 730Ld rated 8.01 litres fuel per 100km and 212gr CO2 per km. This compares with the ratings of the current Ford Fairlanes of 10.21 litres fuel per 100km and 260gr CO2 per km.

OK, lets do some calcs here- the Fords are around $60,000, and the Beamers about $200,000 so we need to find some reason to justify the expenditure of $140,000 more per unit.

If the fuel economy figures are correct, the Beamers use about 2.2 litres less fuel per 100k than the Fords. The government specifies the cars have a 90,000 kilometre life. So over this distance, the Beamers would use 1980 less litres of fuel. So let’s be generous and say that’s about $4000 saved.

Then we have the “green” factor. The BMW issues 48 less grams of CO2 per kilometre. Over 90,000 kilometres, the BMW issues 4 tonnes less. 19.8 tonnes as opposed to 23.4 tonnes.

So to save the world from 4 tonnes of CO2 over 3 years, we paid an extra $136,000, or $34,000 per tonne.

Then, its a moot argument in a way, for the Ford Fairlanes were discontinued. So really, the comparison should have been with a Ford Fairmont. One would have to believe the differences would have been a lot less and possibly non existent.

Just more utterly insane “environmental” bullshit. Government is out of control and it has to stop.

Update- Herald is claiming the Govt paid only $90,000 each for the cars and not the $200,000 list price Why would BMW drop the price like this? Most likely because they knew they would recoup much of the discount in over servicing.

4 thoughts on “General Debate 17/02/11

  1. I very much doubt the NZ govt paid $200,000 per car.

    [Fair enough. I have updated the post as it relates to this issue]


  2. The top of the line Skoda was shown on Close Up the other night: $65,000 a pop, they looked nice…

    The whole issue should be a wake up call to average NZers about what politicians really think they are for…


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