The Reform Party- Please, Anyone But Banks.

I hear a whisper that Banks is being considered for the leadership of the recently established Reform Party. I wish the party well. It takes courage to start a new political party with so many looking on hoping for failure. But surely the most important requirement for any new party just kicking off is A CLEAR MESSAGE.

From what I have seen of the Reform Party so far, they’re struggling to achieve that clarity. Giving the waffling idiot Banks the leadership would only further muddle the message. Banks postures as a Christian Conservative but he’s that second and a politician first. Not good enough. The need is for a believer, not someone who will twist and bend with the wind. I’m sick of Banks and his muddled delivery. He had his chance and he’s yesterday’s man now.

Don Brash? Maybe, he has the consistency but lacks the personality. A good deputy perhaps. They need someone with the rhetorical skills of Chris Christie. A fighter who will not be intimidated by the left and their media division and tell it like it is. Who is that person? Damned if I know. But he/she is out there somewhere. Muriel Newman might be worth a look but once again, she is no Chris Christie.

Before they select a leader, they need to get their damn political stance straight as well. You cannot have a clear thinking straight talking leader if your policies are all over the place. For one thing, they need to say where they stand on racism/separatism/ the TOW and the Maori Party. A good clear statement critical of the present situation is needed, in tandem with a solution to NZ’s present immersion in this stinking swamp of past grievances.

As I said before, I don’t understand what they mean by “delivering equality”. This is not a legitimate function of government unless its a Marxist government. This seems completely contrary to other objectives of the party. The strange use of the term conservative in a context that I cannot understand at all is another confusion they need to clear up.

If part of their platform is sorting out the Maori sovereignty movement, I’ll vote for them. If they’re Marxists, liberals or Progressives, then I won’t. I need to know, so they need to fix their message and get someone to deliver it. In a firm and uncompromising tone.

My own opinion is that the gap in the NZ political market lies in a true Conservative Party espousing a NZ version of the politics of the American Tea Parties. The Reform Party doesn’t seem to be aimed at that. Nevertheless, I wish them good luck. With so many established political forces ranged against them, they’ll need it.

Reform Party.

Check the video below, where Chris Christie calls out some weak liberal US reporter. He’d make mincemeat of NZ’s corrupt whining pack of half educated Marxist losers who posture as our mainstream media political commentators. We badly need a local version of Chris.

5 thoughts on “The Reform Party- Please, Anyone But Banks.

  1. They look like rubbish to me.
    I want to see some straight talking and definative policy.

    “the gap in the NZ political market lies in a true Conservative Party espousing a NZ version of the American Tea Parties”

    It surely does. They need not fear being labeled extreme either. eg. there is nothing extreme about equal rights, budgeting sensibly, accountability….etc.


  2. They also want to repeal the ETS and replace it with a carbon tax…

    Even if you believe in dangerous CC these measures will reduce the temperature change by thousandths of a degree a year, all for the low price of $2,000 per family a year…

    There is no mention about social issues either; prostitution, drugs, etc…


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