What Are The Odds For A US Civil War?

Given that the left are present in such numbers in the US, and that they are clearly beyond reason, that they hate America, that they hate capitalism, that they hate liberty, that they have nothing but contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law, that they are lead by a bunch of violent thugs, that they control the White House, and that in terms of living standards, the cuts in Wisconsin are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is necessary, that so many of the Republican Party are spineless dogs, and that anger is steadily growing among Conservatives at the lack of legal restraint, (the law is not working) what do readers think are the odds on the US falling into civil war within a year or two might be?

Evens? Three to one against? Three to one on it happening? My view is there is at least an even chance. The left see Obama as their big opportunity. If they wait till he has gone, they’ve missed that opportunity.

The anti-American fifth column now resident in the country has to be dealt with. In view of the factors I’ve listed above, its getting harder and harder to see any other outcome but violence. For one thing, the left will not rest until they have their fight. Any more concessions are just bad strategy. For another, the cuts in Wisconsin are only the beginning. There will be no shortage of cause for further rioting.

They are using social networks across America to engage with other fifth columnists and trying to portray their uprising as similar to those in the Arab world against Mubarak and Ghaddafi. The whole scenario is unfolding as if it was a pre-planned strategy, just as I and others have always claimed was going to happen. The left see their opportunity, and they wish to seize it. While their leader is in the White House.

I think it will soon be time for true American patriots to step up to the plate.

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5 replies

  1. Obama is determined to cause the highest possible damage before he gets turfed out in 2012 in Jimmy Carter’s style..

    Imagine the possibility of the traitor Kenyan being re-elected? Surely, the US will be finished as a superpower.


  2. If the U.S. were to erupt in civil war, and I think that’s quite likely if nothing changes, then I think global war with Socialists and Muslims (and possibly Russia and China) on one side, the rest on the other won’t be far behind.

    Of course much of Europe is already a powder keg, with Socialism and Islamism on the rise, so this may go off first.

    Then you have the current instability in the North African and Middle Eastern Islamic nations – yet another powder keg.

    I don’t know, Red? – no matter where you look it’s all ready to go bang. Anyone got a match?!


  3. “I think it will soon be time for true American patriots to step up to the plate.”
    And not just them–anybody who values liberty will buy into that fight. We’ll see who has the cattle to match the hat on that day. 🙂


  4. The mid-terms have shown where things are headed-BUT they WILL NOT just hand over their power, come the elections.


  5. Prophetic!


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