Best Crime & Dictator Deterrent- Armed Law Abiding Citizens

The value of the American Constitution’s second amendment is brought starkly into display by events in Libya. I watched a video earlier today of Libyans protesting the murdering dictator Ghadaffi. Marching in the street there takes immense bravery. Like most such dictatorships, these totalitarian scum maintain their power by means of terror. A network of informers who will run to the “authorities” at the slightest hint of “disloyalty” in any word or gesture made by any other Libyan. When I lived there, I found it almost impossible to engage any local in any political discourse for they were always unsure whether they were talking to an informer attempting to induce them to expose rebellious views, or someone who genuinely opposed Ghadaffi. This level of fear in the community has a major affect upon the discussion and dissemination of political ideas.

So the Libyans have broken the yoke of these spies and terrorists, and are marching in the streets. Only to be cut down in a hail of gunfire from Ghadaffi’s army. Yet even while the guns are still firing, and other protesters are lying wounded or dying in the road, other men are standing still, and not running, but hurling abuse at the army and waving their flags. No matter what the political foundation, you have to admire the courage of these people.

So we see the means by which cowardly dictators like Ghaddaffi and Castro and the Chicom Generals hold power, and know that such events could never happen in the US because the traditional American spirit will not allow a dictatorship, but more importantly, the civilians are well armed, and would shoot back if any group ever attempted to maintain power by means of murder and terror and genocide. You would not see American citizens intimidated by their government through lack of arms.

So law abiding citizens should have arms, and this should be a matter far beyond the issue of permitting by “authorities”. They should have them as a matter of course, and only lose that right if recognised as habitual criminals. Open carry of firearms is becoming more and more the norm in American states. Furthermore the right to bear arms should exist in the UK and Australia and NZ, for just a few examples. And not only as an antidote to oppression, but as a means to maintain law and order. At the moment criminals have access to as many guns as they want. Police attempts to control the distribution and sale of firearms are futile. Meanwhile criminals run rampant and violence in robberies and holdups is increasing. NZ Police are asking to carry firearms.

If Police need guns, surely this is an indication that law abiding citizens need them too. Dairies and all night petrol stations are coming under increasing attacks that the Police cannot stop. People should have guns to defend their safety and their properties from psychopathic amoral criminals. Below is a humorous story I picked up today that is as good an illustration as you could ask for as to why law abiding citizens should have guns. Its far past time for a change in public attitudes, and governments need to be rid of the influence of knee jerk liberals with no sense of history, or wrong headed government loving saps who still inexplicably believe the police will save them from every criminal.

TWO men attempted to rob a Kansas City, Missouri, gun store Thursday and ended up leaving with less money than they had when they came in, the Kansas City Star reported Saturday. One of the would-be robbers entered the store around 2:00pm Thursday local time and asked to buy a box of ammunition. When the 65-year-old clerk, who wore a shoulder holster and a handgun in plain view, told the man it would be about $50, the man said he needed to get more money and left.

The man returned around 5:00pm with another man and tried to pay with two $20 bills. When the clerk said he was $10 short, the customer pulled a handgun from his waistband and demanded that the clerk hand over the money in the cash register. The clerk was able to tell that the man’s gun was not loaded and pulled his own gun from his shoulder holster.

“His eyes got as big as two dinner plates,” said the clerk, who was not named.”Before I got mine pointed at him, he ran to the door at, like, 95mph. I’m surprised he didn’t bust the glass out of the door.” The fleeing robbers left the $40 behind.

“I wear this gun like this, hoping it will be a deterrent,” the clerk said Friday. “But he [the gunman] basically made his own decision to take the chance of dying, and he just about did. I was going to shoot him.”


7 thoughts on “Best Crime & Dictator Deterrent- Armed Law Abiding Citizens

  1. I reckon those high powered air rifles are the way to go (in NZ), although the cops are looking to (or have) tighten up on them. But whatever the weapon, I think you’re going to see citizens increasingly arming themselves. Primarily for protection against the criminal element, but as the state becomes more totalitarian they will arm themselves for protection against the state.

    These are certainly interesting times we live in.


  2. Clerks’ mistake was to admit he knew the robbers’ gun was not loaded.

    He shoulda just shot him right between the dinner plates.

    Now the police will have to return the $40 to the robber if they ever get him. Too much administration. đŸ™‚

    That clerk has balls though. Easy for me comment at the end of my keyboard.

    On dictators. It’s dis heartening how our govts and the UN have “engaged” with these people for the sake of trade. We all know they are evil. And yet they are welcome at international bodies,we give them our tax money in “aid” that they clearly don’t need.

    When will our govts show some honest leadership? In the west,not till it’s too late and we are overwhelmed by a tide of migrants and undermined by the treacherous left as well as by “right leaning” govts that lack common sense and responsibility to their own electorates.


  3. You can seperate those who get from those who don’t by relying this story:

    Once an American private citizen – well known for his lifelong carrying of firearms – was asked, “Why do you carry?”, to which he replied, “I carry so I never have to use a firearm and if you did too I never would”… Those that nod get it, those that don’t don’t…

    After Uni, I worked in law enforcement, I heard about a car chase through West Auckland that ended when the offender went down a dead end and he pulled out a firearm and started shooting it towards the incident car, the constables were reduced to throwing stones back… As far as I’m concerned the time to arm Police passed 10 years ago…


  4. Red, did you suspect that Lybian Intelligence Services were watching/monitoring you while you were there? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did considering they knew pretty well that Israeli agents could pose as Western business people (Aussie, Candian, New Zealand, UK, etc,… ). So, I assumed that you were being a New Zealander means nothing to them, they would just perhaps have paid informers there to check up on you, since to them, you could be an Israeli deep cover agent.


  5. Its always possible Falafulu. Everybody works for the government and whilst they could be a legitimate part of that department, they could just as well be a political spy as well.

    Generally, Libya was anarchistic. Ghadaffi’s main objective was to keep living, and there were (according to rumour) a couple of assassination attempts while I was there. One on the open road somewhere between Benghazi and Tripoli.

    I was in one of those towns once when Gadaffi was traveling in the usual long convoy. The place was shut down so tight by police and army you could not get within a kilometre of the roads he was using, and not one person was visible inside that perimeter.

    Even in Oman, where the Sultan is what you might term a benevolent dictator, the need for force is pretty strong. When the Sultan did his annual tour of the country his convoy was about 5 kilometres in length. Machine gun carrying vehicles at the front and back, 7 huge helicopters overhead.

    One day we came to work to find one of our Omani staff had disappeared. His office was sealed with Police Investigation Tape. Never found out what happened to him but he never returned. It was rumoured he was part of some fundamentalist Islamic sect and that they all were rounded up, put in a Hercules and dropped into the Gulf of Oman.


  6. Nice blog, TrueBlue. I live in the US of A, and wish we had MORE of the second amendment freedoms you describe. NZ and the US of A differ by degree. We have our statists who love to disarm us; nothing makes us need government like taking away our ability to care for ourselves.


  7. Rob, it was done to NZ. So many of us have witnessed the slow decline into dependence and sloth of a country that was once so much the opposite. Hard working, productive independent, all deliberately destroyed by the sinister forces of the power obsessed left. Its sad to see the same events occurring in the US. We only hope that the Tea Party and their truly patriotic supporters can turn things around in America. If you can, it gives us tremendous heart here in NZ.


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