Wisconsin Public Schools Not Educating- Just A Democrat Political Arm

Megan Kelly eviscerates a troglodytic soviet style union official who tries to claim that the teacher’s unions are concerned with the education of children. They are not and his claims are a lie. They are concerned with indoctrinating children with Progressive political ideas and entrenching the power and influence of the Democrat party. Education comes a distance third. The education system is the main conduit for the flow of left wing/ culturally Marxist ideas into our society, and if it was not, there is no way they would be defending it so fiercely. How long are we going to allow these people to front up and lie? First some facts-

According to data collected and published by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Wisconsin’s public schools have been consuming more and more tax dollars over the years while doing a consistently miserable job educating children in the basics of reading and math. Nor are Wisconsin’s public schools unusual.

In fiscal 1998, according to the NCES, Wisconsin spent $7,123 per pupil in its public primary and secondary schools. In the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading test that year, Wisconsin public school eighth-graders scored an average of 266 out of a possible 500. As a result of that test, only 33 percent of Wisconsin’s public school eighth-graders earned a rating of “proficient” or better in reading.

By 2008, Wisconsin was spending $10,791 per pupil in its public primary and secondary schools. Yet, in the 2009 NAEP reading test, Wisconsin public school eighth-graders again scored an average of only 266 out of a possible 500. Only 34 percent earned a rating of “proficient” or better in reading.

When the $7,123 per pupil Wisconsin spent in its public schools in 1998 is adjusted for inflation, it equals $9,408 in 2008 dollars. Thus, even though Wisconsin increased per pupil spending by $1,383 dollars from 1998 to 2008 (from $9,408 to $10,791), it did not gain a single point on its average eighth-grade reading score.

Wisconsin had similar results in math. In 1996, the state’s public school eighth-graders scored an average of 283 out of 500 in math. In 2008, they scored an average of 288 out of 500 — or 1 percent higher than in 1996.

As bad as they are, Wisconsin’s tests scores are slightly better than the national average for public-school students. In 1998, American public school eighth-graders averaged 261 out of 500 on the NAEP reading test. In 2009, they averaged 262 out of 500. In 1996, they averaged 271 out of 500 on the NAEP math test. In 2009, they averaged 282.

In 2009, only 30 percent of American public school eighth-graders earned a rating of “proficient” or better in reading. Only 32 percent earned a rating of “proficient” or better in math. This ignorance did not come cheap. Nationwide, according to the NCES, public schools spent $10,297 per pupil in fiscal 2008.

Just as in NZ, the public school system is not about educating children, its about indoctrinating them with left wing garbage and ensuring the Labour Party is funded and supported. The Wisconsin Governor and other governors across the US are starting the long campaign to do what is necessary and take education out of the hands of the left and return it to the educators. It has to happen in the US and it has to happen in NZ. Lament the fact that we do not have any Scott Walkers here.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Public Schools Not Educating- Just A Democrat Political Arm

  1. The big problem is of course the non-exposure to competition and teacher tenure…

    Politicians only need to give people a choice over where they spend their education dollars and allow poor teachers to be fired and develop whinging forcefields… (and I have a teacher for a Mother and best mate)…


  2. There are ‘teachers’ who spend their days in ‘Safe Rooms’ in states across the US every day collecting a salary but not teaching and not even at school. These are people convicted of crimes but cannot be fired (or it would cost more to go through the process than to continue to pay their salaries). Some of the convictions are for sexual assault on their students.

    Since the unions fight for these POS filth (so the dues keep flowing in), they are culpable and should be prosecuted as accessories after the fact.


  3. Red, have you picked up on the article on Michelle Malkin’s site that talks about a new move where State Senators in WI who miss 2 or more sessions will have to pick up their pay cheques in person (from the Senate floor, during a session)?


    No links from there to “official” sites, but if it’s correct it’s a fucking master stroke from Governor Walker.


  4. Mate I think the term “bit disappointing” is something of an understatement. At a time when the Right is starting to fight back after years of caving and cowering, Daniels appears to have not received the memo.


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