Police Dept Suffers From Minister’s Focus on “Cultural Change”.

Once the Police Force worked OK. Today it does not. The assumption that the problem is the culture within the police, and that the problems will be solved by hiring more minorities and women, is not founded in rational argument. Judith Collins and her preoccupation with cultural change has to go and the police have to get on with the business of catching criminals and maintaining law and order. These functions should not be undermined by disorientated Ministers chasing mad PC rabbits.

A contributor to this site related to me a story of a friend of his seeking employment with the Police. The friend is a relatively young immigrant from the South of England. He was up for promotion in the UK, but chucked it all in and came to NZ to marry and set up a home with his NZ fiance. He has a Masters in Policing from a UK University, mid 20s, smart, fit, and large enough to back up his policing partner if they ever got into trouble. You’d think he was an excellent candidate and would be hired at the drop of a hat right?

Nope. There are a couple of major problems. One is he’s male, and the other is he’s a white European.

Collins’s Police Force doesn’t exist to fight crime. It exists to promote culturally Marxist preoccupations like sexual and racial “equality”. Therefore, there’s no room for anyone who might be a good policeman but won’t bend to Politically Correct concepts like “gender equality”. Obviously such an attitude in Collins’s Police Force takes precedence over being able to do your damn job. To quote my friend-

His application has been a constant string of stuff up from non-sworns when he has been fit (by a long mile) and ready to go for well over a year. He has been told by sworn senior staff during his interview process that it shouldn’t have taken so long but it has in part because they have a female and minority quota and he doesn’t speak a foreign language.

In short it’s a disgrace, some of the new cops coming down the line are 45 kg, 5’2″ Asian chicks who are going to put their partners under immense pressure and into danger.

Perfectly correct of course. This rot starts at the top, and Collins is on record as enthusiastically endorsing that rot, even firing Senior Police with long experience who were perceived as standing in her way. This Marxist idiot is spitting on the founding principles of the National Party. She has to go, and be replaced by someone who will see results as a priority, and not waste time dicking around with culturally Marxist rubbish that in the long term just makes the Police Force even more ineffective than it is now.

Problem is, I don’t know anyone in the National Party who would be any less hopeless. Its just not anything like the Party it should be.

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  1. And why exactly is the Minister of Police a woman in the first place?! That she is also a Cultural Marxist only makes it worse. The fact that the rest of the National Party are also devoid of testicles only highlights the fact we need a real alternative when it comes November. Simpering “empty-sacks” will be the death of this country!!!


  2. The fact that the rest of the National Party are also devoid of testicles only highlights the fact we need a real alternative when it comes November.

    Don’t forget to vote for the new Pakeha Party… 😉 Oh wait, haven’t started it yet…


  3. Hmmmm… I wonder if Latin is considered a foreign language.

    Seriously, I though the police were stuffed when I read about their stint with Buddhism. Can’t find it on my Blogsite, though! Oh, for a more comprehensive search system of the type I used to write in my previous life!


  4. This case is pretty shocking.
    My brother is in the police in the UK and colleagues of his have joined the police in Australia and New Zealand.
    UK police are generally seen as more advanced with their latest techniques and theories, better trained, etc, so if this friend is having trouble getting work, then the NZ police force is missing out on a big talent.
    I thought the NZ police was always short of staff.
    The friend might get a better reception in Australia.

    Has this friend thought of contacting Judith Collins directly?


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